Best Places to Meet Trans Woman in Buffalo

Buffalo has a thriving trans community, with more than enough inclusive spaces.

But most of those spots generally attract a queer crowd and you’ll find a lot of info about them everywhere.  What no one talks about are the trans-centric venues.

So in this article, our main focus will be on exploring places that are popular among transgender women and men.

Along with that, I’ll also share my personal experience of what it’s like to be a trans person in Buffalo. So let’s jump right into it!

List of TG Friendly Venues in Buffalo

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Buffalo

Buffalo doesn’t have too many trans-focused bars – mainly because there’s no need for it as trans folks are welcomed everywhere in the city.

Elmwood and Allentown in particular, stand out as a hub for LGBTQ+ venues.

But the lack of TG focused venues still makes things a bit difficult for those who want to exclusively date or make trans friends.

So I’ve prepared a list of some popular bars and clubs that have a higher chance of meeting TGs.

Note that most of these are gay/queer bars that are also frequented by trans individuals.

Underground Niteclub – LGBTQ+ bar where you can enjoy a drink, dance, and catch mesmerizing drag and burlesque shows. It isn’t uncommon to find trans folks in the crowd, but it really depends on the night. 

Twenty Six – This bar has been recently renovated and is slowly becoming a queer hotspot.

Club Marcella – These guys host the hottest drag shows in town. The crowd is mostly LGBT with some cisgender people and you’re almost guaranteed to find trans folks in the mix.

The Merry Shelly – Goth bar with a welcoming atmosphere and a queer heavy crowd.

2. Community Centers and Organizations

The best way to meet trans people in Buffalo has to be through The Pride Center of WNY.

It’s a community center with some great trans support groups. They host frequent events and also accept volunteers – which is another way to connect with the community.

Another option is GLYS, an organization for LGBTQ+ youth support. They have several variations of trans support groups but the maximum age they allow is 21.

Lastly, the Spectrum Transgender Group also used to be an active organization, but since the pandemic, they have suspended their operations.

But I thought they’re still worth talking about because they might be back in the future to host more events.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Trans Dating Sites Buffalo

Buffalo doesn’t offer much in terms of trans-centric venues, so it’s no surprise that dating sites are quite popular among TGs in the city.

And while online dating may not be as fun as meeting trans people in public spaces, it definitely works like a charm.

So if you’re looking for TS to date then try hopping on to OkCupid.

Just know that some users don’t prefer writing that they’re trans in their bios, so that’s something you’ll have to figure out yourself.

Alternatively, another site you can try out is TSDates. But just a heads up that it’s commonly used for T4M casual dating, rather than serious relationships.

4. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Intersection Cafe Interior

There are LGBT+ owned spaces all over Buffalo. But the one that people often talk about is Remedy House.

It’s a coffee bar in the Five Points neighborhood which is often frequented by trans individuals and is generally a very chill place.

Another popular place is the Intersection Cafe. It’s a great spot to socialize with open-minded people.

I also really love Amy’s Place, it’s a vegan restaurant that is super LGBT+ friendly.

And if you’re into geeky stuff then Iron Buffalo is an inclusive gaming community.

Lastly, younger people can also visit the University of Buffalo as it has many trans students.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Buffalo

Buffalo is a welcoming city with a decent trans/queer scene, making it an inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community.

Over the past decade, legal protections for trans individuals and a soft reboot of the queer bar culture have transformed the landscape.

Buffalo and its nearby suburbs are also generally trans friendly, though opinions might differ as you move farther out.

But outright violence is rare, and most people are either supportive or simply don’t care.

In rural areas, you might encounter some judgmental looks, but that’s about it.

The city’s queer community continues to grow, but some wish for more trans-centric clubs and maybe a better drag scene.

Nonetheless, Buffalo’s inclusivity and supportive atmosphere make it a comfortable place not just for trans folks but for everyone to be themselves.

Common Questions About Buffalo Trans Community

When is the Buffalo Pride Parade?

The Buffalo Pride Parade is hosted in June every year. The parade usually starts at Elmwood at Forest Avenue and concludes at Allen Street and always has thousands of Western New Yorkers in attendance.

What area should trans people stay in Buffalo?

The best area for trans individuals in Buffalo is Elmwood Village and Allentown. Both areas have a nice selection of LGBT+ bars, clubs, coffee shops, and other inclusive spaces.

Where can I meet trans women in Buffalo?

The easiest way to meet trans women in Buffalo is by visiting the Pride Center of WNY. They host support groups for trans individuals that anyone can usually join.

Does Buffalo have any trans-focused venues?

Unfortunately, Buffalo doesn’t have any trans-focused venues but it does have plenty of LGBT+ spots. And generally, trans people are welcomed everywhere in Buffalo as well.

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