Best Places to meet trans in Charlotte

Ever felt like making trans friends in Charlotte is like cracking a secret code?

You’re not alone. The community here is indeed a bit cliquey and it takes time for them to open up to strangers.

You have to be a bit more consistent with your efforts by regularly socializing with trans people. And that’s what I’m here to help you with.

In this article, I’ll cover the best places to meet trans men and women in Charlotte. Whether you prefer meeting online or in person, this city has a lot to offer.

So buckle up as we dive into the details!

List of TG Friendly Venues in Charlotte

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Charlotte

There are a lot of trans friendly nightlife options in Charlotte. It just depends on whether you want to meet trans men, women, or both.

The good news is, you don’t have to run all across the city, because some of the best trans bars and clubs are located in NoDa or Plaza Midwood.

But to keep your options open I’ve created a list of venues from all corners of Charlotte.

The Scorpio –Located at Freedom Dr, this place in Charlotte has been around since 1968, and it’s the only real gay “club” in town.

But, don’t worry, lots of trans folks hang out here too. It’s big, kind of dark, really loud, and loads of fun. Sometimes they give you free draft beer or vodka, like four drinks for free!

Usually, it costs ten bucks to get in, unless it’s a holiday or something special.

Argon – Located at South Blvd, visited this place on a Friday night and had a great time.

Trans people often come here for its chill local bar vibe. It’s big enough to hold events but there were none the night I visited. 

Shout out to its owner Kevin who’s super friendly and always making sure everyone feels right at home.

Sidelines Sports Bar – Also located at South Blvd this is another place owned by Kevin. Like Argon, this sports bar too is very inclusive.

The crowd is mixed and often has trans men and women but usually everyone leans towards their thirties and up.

If you go solo, someone is likely to strike up a conversation. It’s a friendlier vibe with less shade compared to other spots.

Hattie’s Tap & Tavern – Located at The Plaza, known as a lesbian bar, but it’s a welcoming spot for all queer folks, especially trans women. Their massive selection of draft beer is a plus.

Snug Harbor – Located at 1228 Gordon St, there’s never a dull moment at this pirate-themed bar.

The owners don’t care whether you’re trans, gay straight, bi, or anything else.

As long as you aren’t disrespectful or causing trouble, they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Petra’s Bar – Located at 1919 Commonwealth Ave, started off as a gay bar but slowly, it has also become a popular spot among cis folks. You can find TGs during their event nights.

Chasers Bar – Located at The Plaza, the patrons and owners are so welcoming that you’d feel like you’ve known them forever.

It’s one of the most popular LGBT+ bars in the city and while the majority of its customers are gay men, finding TGs isn’t uncommon.

And as this video shows, you can also enjoy amazing drag performances almost every night…

2. Community Centers and Organizations

I’m thrilled to inform you guys that there are many organizations to connect with TGs in Charlotte.

But one that almost everyone talks about is Transcend. They host both in-person and virtual events and workshops for the LGBTQ+ community.

Many trans people join their meetups. I try attending them as well whenever I visit this city.

Another organization is Time Out Youth. It’s mainly for LGBTQ+ people under 20.

But even if you don’t fall within this age range, consider volunteering with them.

I can confirm that it’s a great way to meet trans individuals and there are a variety of roles to sign up for, even something as simple as setup/cleanup shifts.

The next recommendation is for people into gaming, yes – I’m talking about the Charlotte Gaymers Network. It’s a non-profit organization that hosts weekly events including T4T parties, how cool is that!?

Trans Women at Gaymers Network Charlotte

And don’t worry, it’s not just centered on DnD, but plenty of other video and board games along with all the other “geeky stuff.”

Lastly, if you’re into physical sports then you can also check out Stonewall Sports.

It’s a sports organization for the LGBTQ+ people. So it’s safe to say that you’ll find many trans men and women in their leagues.

3. Online Groups and Pages

Charlotte has a lot going on for trans individuals, but still, I couldn’t find a solid social media group for the community.

However, I did come across some LGBT groups like Queer Social. It’s an open group so you can see for yourself if it’s worth joining or not.

Another one LGBTQ+ Community Conversation. Same thoughts on this one, nothing special since the group is public.

But members do post info about upcoming queer events so you can keep an eye on it even if you don’t join it.

4. Trans Dating Sites

Best sites to meet shemales online in Charlotte

It’s easy to find trans men and women online. Yet,  finding an app that “works” is a lot about personal preference.

If you just want to hook up then it won’t take long, especially as a straight trans woman. 

Just sign up on Grindr and state your intentions, you’d be surprised to see how many men would slide into your DMs—yes, it’s that simple. Downside? Get ready for a ton of unsolicited di*k pics.

Making friends or finding serious relationships is a bit harder and that’s where trial and error comes in.

I’ve personally had success using OkCupid and have found my fair share of dates there and also made some great connections with other trans people.

But some of my trans friends in Charlotte have also seen success on Tinder.

Of course, it has a lot of fetishists and chasers but don’t let that deter you because it’s a huge app so you’re bound to also find positive experiences.

And if you’re strictly looking for an LGBT+ app then I’d also recommend Taimi.

It’s honestly a wild card because it’s used for both casual stuff and serious relationships.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Charlotte

Charlotte is a cool city with friendly vibes and a big trans community.

Making friends might be a bit tricky at first, but it gets easier, especially if you hit up bars and join meetups.

The city has lots of employment opportunities for trans people and is growing super fast.

Plus, there’s a huge gaming and nerd scene. As a trans woman, I felt pretty safe here during my visit—way less sketchy stuff than in other places I’ve been.

Charlotte is pretty liberal, especially in neighborhoods like NoDa, which is like the hippie spot just outside downtown.

Honestly, the only places that give me a bit of pause are the poorer neighborhoods and uptown at night.

But even then, my concern isn’t transphobia, but usually more about money and drugs.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Charlotte

In a nutshell, Charlotte is a treasure trove for meeting trans individuals. Even during the day, you can join support groups and other community events.

At night, the city offers incredible nightlife with plenty of LGBT+ friendly venues. There’s really a lot to do and you can also attend drag brunches.

And if you’re too busy to meet in person then you can start slow by finding trans people online.

For some, the process will be easy, while for others, it might take some time.

But either way, keep trying and you’ll break through into the community.

So enjoy the journey of meeting trans men and women in Charlotte. That’s all from my side, until next time!

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