Denver trans people meet up

If you are looking for the best places to meet transexuals in Denver, this guide will help.

The city is friendly forward the LGBT community so trans people can hang out in most venues.

But some places are more popular than others, so I decided to list them to help you to meet trans folks in Denver.

In addition to that, I’ll also give you an overview of life as a trans individual in this city and answer some common questions.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Denver

Downtown Denver has a queer-friendly atmosphere, with diverse neighborhoods like Five Points hosting LGBTQ+ art meetups.

Beyond that, you’ll find Boulder County, just a 45-minute drive away. It’s also a liberal place and is just as good if not better than Denver for finding trans folks.

In the coming sections, we’ll explore different avenues to meet trans people in both Denver and Boulder County.

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranns bars and Clubs in Denver

You won’t find any trans exclusive bars in Denver, but pretty much every venue is LGBT-friendly.

Yet, there are certain spots that are frequented more often by transsexuals. The majority of them are located near Colfax Avenue.

So let’s go over some of our favorite spots in the Denver and Boulder area to mingle with the trans community.

Blush & Blu – Primarily a lesbian bar that welcomes everyone regardless of gender and sexual orientation. But it’s worth noting that the bar predominantly attracts a lot of trans women.

Charlies Bar – Even though Charlies is a gay bar, it’s quite popular among ciswomen and transgender individuals due to its live drag shows.

The atmosphere is flirty, so expect a lot of compliments. But the downside is that the bar often charges a higher fee to women.

Tracks – This club is a party hotspot for the LGBT and cis-normative crowd. You’ll meet a lot of TGs here who just want to enjoy the night – but some of them may also be open to casual encounters.

DV8 Distillery – This bar acts as a focal point for the LGBT community in Boulder. They even host amazing parties from time to time, and the inclusive atmosphere makes it a hub for transgender to connect and socialize.

Hamburger’s Mary – Known for their legendary drag brunches, Hamburger’s Mary is another solid option to meet trans and drag queens in Denver. And as you can see in the video, they sure know how to throw a party.

2. Community Centers

The Center on Colfax is the most popular community center for trans people.

They have a transgender program that provides a welcoming and supportive environment for transgender and gender diverse individuals.

They offer various weekly and monthly social support groups where they can connect and build relationships with one another.

Another option is the Trans Center of Rockies. It’s a non-profit organization that provides support to transgender and non-binary folks.

They have an active Instagram and Facebook page where they often post info about trans meet & greets and workshops.

3. Support Groups

Tranny show in Boulder

If you’re looking for trans support groups then you have Out Boulder County that operates in Boulder County and beyond.

They host a ton of meet & greets for the LGBTQ+ community and some of them are also specifically targeted towards trans.

You can learn all about their upcoming events by having a look at their monthly calendar.

4. Social Media Groups

If you prefer social media then there are also a couple of Denver LGBT Facebook groups that you can join.

One of them is TransDenver, which has over 1,400 members.

And while it’s not as active, people do post about local trans events and meetups from time to time.

Your other option is not as trans-specific, but rather a combined community for non-binary and intersex people of Denver.

5. Trans Dating Sites

Denver trans woman online

The biggest problem with Denver is that there are a lot of closet trans folks. This is especially the case in public venues.

So if you’re tired of playing the guessing game then a quick way to meet transsexuals is by signing up on trans dating sites.

You can start with Taimi, which is a dating app for the LGBT community. The app boasts a good ratio of both male and female trans users who are open about their transition.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Denver

Denver is generally a safe and inclusive place for transgender individuals. It offers ample opportunities to connect with the community.

While it’s true that you might encounter some transphobic people outside the metro area, this is true for any city.

Colorado’s LGBT-friendly laws give you a feeling of protection when living in Denver.

For example, the process of changing the gender marker on a Driver’s License is straightforward. There’s no need for a doctor’s note or additional documentation.

The inclusive environment also extends to educational institutions. Denver schools have implemented policies that respect students’ preferred names and genders.

This creates a safe and supportive environment for transgender students.

Overall, Denver stands out as a city that warmly welcomes and supports transgender and LGBTQ+ individuals.

In case you want to learn more about it, here’s also an overview of LGBT laws in Colorado.

Common Questions About Denver Trans People

What are the most trans-friendly areas in Denver?

The entire Denver metro area is known for being trans-friendly and offers a good selection of venues that cater to the LGBT community.

Denver Downtown, in particular, stands out as an inclusive hub for transgender individuals to be themselves and connect with everyone.

But be careful if you’re venturing towards the outskirts of the city as you encounter conservative people who use derogatory words like “tranny” and “shemale”.

Are trans folks allowed to get married in Denver?

Yes, transgender individuals are allowed to get married as well as throughout the state of Colorado.

Marriage equality laws in the United States, including in Denver, recognize the right of individuals to marry regardless of their gender identity.

When is the Denver Pride Parade Hosted?

The Pride Parade is hosted every year in June. It traditionally starts at Cheesman Park and proceeds through Downtown Denver, typically ending at Civic Center Park where the main PrideFest activities take place.

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