Best places to meet trans in Greensboro-Winston-Salem

Hey folks, it’s your friendly trans traveler back again, and today let’s chat about Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Although these cities are welcoming, it is important to be aware that the trans community here is close-knit and hangs out in specific places.

In this article, I’ll help you explore different ways to connect with trans individuals in The Triad metro area, including the best night spots, community centers, and online dating sites.

But before we start, just a heads up that I will not be talking about High Point because it’s too sketchy for trans people.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Greensboro-Winston-Salem

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Greensboro-Winston-Salem

Greensboro doesn’t have too many LGBT+ bars, but Winston-Salem is packed with options.

Especially if you head towards the Arts Districts in Downtown, pretty much every place is LGBTQ-friendly.

The queer community is bigger than the trans community in these cities. And it’s noticeable, especially on those weekday nights when you can’t meet any trans people.

And you can also notice that when you visit most bars and clubs because, on some nights, you might not meet any trans people.

Nonetheless, here are some night spots that you can check out.

Nightspots in Greensboro

Twist Lounge – Located at Dolley Madison Rd, this is a laid-back club with a diverse crowd. Throughout the evening I saw many trans people come and go.

The regulars are also really friendly towards newcomers and make you feel at home. I also really enjoyed the drag show, it was full of catchy song parodies.

Chemistry Nightclub – Located at Spring Garden St, a go-to spot for me whenever I’m in town.

The staff is friendly, the drinks are strong and fairly priced. Big shoutout to Jake the bartender—he’s quick with orders and great to chat with!

And to top it off, the amazing drag shows are the cherry on the cake. Speaking of which, I’ve got a video that captures the incredible vibe perfectly!

Nightspots in Winston-Salem

Silver Moon Saloon – Located at 632 Trade St NW, in my opinion, this is the city’s best dive bar.

The staff is unfailingly kind and helpful, yet they stand their ground when necessary and are quick to kick transphobes.

Everyone is chatty, making it a great place to make trans friends.

Monstercade – Located at 204 W Acadia Ave, a hidden gem that offers live music, drag shows, DJs, and a bunch of other creative events.

It’s one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly spots in the city and trans people stop by regularly.

Euphoria – Located at 701 Trade St NW, a trans and queer-friendly bar that plays loud music. But they also have a patio area if you want to cut the noise and chat over a drink.

Aside from these, other notable options include Hel’s, Single Brothers, and Joyner’s Bar.

Again, the chances of meeting trans people at these places depend on your luck but they’re all very inclusive.

2. Community Centers and Organizations

There are a lot of ways to meet trans people other than bars and clubs. I’ll start with the famous North Star LGBTQ+ Community Center in Winston-Salem.

It’s located at Burke Street, and they do all sorts of fun events like Halloween parties, and game nights along with weekly meetups. It’s the best place to network with trans people.

You also have the Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ Center in Greensboro. You can visit them on weekdays between 11 am to 6 pm. They also host trans support groups every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

PFLAG is also quite active and holds its monthly meetings in Greensboro. You can become a member or join as a volunteer to get involved with the community.

Another organization was Queer Winston Salem. They used to host drag shows and LGBT social groups in different bars in the city.

But their website is down and their social media accounts are also inactive now. Hopefully, they return soon.

3. Online Groups and Pages

There are a lot of online communities you can join to connect with trans individuals in The Triad metro area.

Let’s kick things off with Greensboro LGBT+, an open community with over 6,000 members.

Its members are pretty active and regularly post about upcoming events. The good thing is you don’t have to join the group to view its posts.

There’s also an LGBTQ+ Social Club group for Greensboro. They have people of all ages and the goal of the community is to just connect, arrange activities, and have a fun time.

It’s not as active but perhaps you can start a new post once your application to join is approved.

If you’re looking for a more trans-focused option then Transgender Network of the Triad is a community that meets regularly.

They also welcome GNC folks and allies, so it’s worth checking out.

4. Trans Dating Sites

Shemales online in Greensboro-Winston-Salem

If you’re into online dating and want to connect with trans individuals, there are some great sites to explore.

My personal favorite is OkCupid, known for its diverse trans user base throughout the Triad metro area.

Its extensive search filters make it easier to connect with trans individuals, especially in Greensboro and Winston-Salem where you’ll find more queer folks out and about.

If you’re more into casual arrangements, you might want to check out TSDates and Grindr.

Just a heads up, these platforms are often geared towards hookups, so if that’s your scene, go ahead and give them a shot!

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Greensboro-Winston-Salem

Greensboro stands out as one of the top spots in the state for trans folks, creating a sense of community despite the absence of specific LGBT-focused bars.

None of my friends within that community have shared any negative stories, but that’s not to say others haven’t faced challenges.

You are not just welcomed; you are cherished and affirmed.

Sure, there might be some unfriendly folks in the surrounding areas, hanging out at smaller taverns, but our community thrives within the city.

Now, Winston-Salem isn’t bad, but trans individuals often receive nasty looks, which is surprising given its numerous LGBT+ spots and a decent queer scene.

So yes, if I were to make a choice, I’d pick Greensboro because it’s overall more trans-friendly.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Greensboro-Winston-Salem

In a nutshell, Greensboro and Winston-Salem stand out as fantastic cities for connecting with trans individuals.

Winston-Salem in particular, has a lively nightlife, but it’s more popular with queer folks than trans.

On the flip side, Greensboro is generally more welcoming but has fewer options when it comes to different places to hang out.

So if you can’t find trans folks in night spots then try out community centers, or better yet, hop on to online dating sites.

Whatever route you choose, I hope you have an incredible time meeting trans men and women in The Triad region!

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