Best places to meet trans in Hartford

Hey folks, today we will talk about where to meet trans people in Hartford & New Haven.

I know these are two separate cities, but the problem is, individually, they don’t offer much in terms of the trans social scene.

But combined, there’s something to look forward to!

And since they’re only a 40 minutes drive away, I thought why not explore both together to maximize your options.

Like usual, this article will include TG friendly nightlife spots, community centers, popular dating sites in the area, and more.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

List of TG Friendly Venues in Hartford & New Haven

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Hartford

In comparison to Hartford, there are more nightlife options for TGs in New Haven.

But one thing that’s missing from both is the drag scene.

Drag shows are not a daily thing in either of these cities, and most venues only host drag performances on specific nights.

But moving on, here’s a combined list of trans friendly bars and clubs in Hartford & New Haven …


Chez Est – Located at 458 Wethersfield Ave, this is the only queer bar in Hartford.

It’s famous for its weekly and monthly events like its amazing Chez Legends drag combination.

Aside from that, their pocket-friendly menu and inclusiveness also make it a lively LGBTQ hub every day of the week.

Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe – Located at 537 Farmington Ave. It’s an astounding café that is known to be queer friendly.

They occasionally do drag nights where you can often meet plenty of trans people in the crowd.

New Haven

Partners Café – Located at 365 Crown St, primarily a gay bar, but their doors are open to everyone.

It’s not unusual to spot trans folks here, and the fact that there’s no cover fee means there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try.

168 York Street Café – Located at 168 York St, this is a small bar that hosts drag performances and other shows in their patio area.

You can meet trans people at this place but know that you’ll generally meet an older crowd here.

Gotham Citi Café – Located at 84 Orange St, I have mixed opinions about this place.

It’s not strictly an LGBTQ+ spot but a dance bar that used to be frequented by trans folks.

But now their reputation has gone downhill over the years due to rude management, so finding TGs is a hit or miss.

Blue Orchid – Located at 130 Court St, I’d say this is the unofficial lesbian bar of the city, and you can often meet trans women here due to its inclusivity.

They’re especially known for hosting the RuPaul Drag Race watch parties on Friday nights.

2. Community Centers and Organizations

Trans at Blue Orchid in New Haven

Trans individuals often struggle to locate organizations as they’re scattered across different areas of Connecticut.

Whether you’re in search of support or social groups, starting with the Triangle Community Center in Norwalk is a solid choice.

They host social groups that are great for connecting with the trans community.

The best part? Anyone above 18 in the LGBTQ+ community can join.

There’s also a Pride Center in New Haven but they’re usually only active during Pride month.

But they do have an office located at 84 Orange St, you can visit that to learn if they’re hosting any trans focused programs.

As for Hartford, you can check out PFLAG, they host support meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

LGBTQ+ folks, allies, and their family members all are allowed to attend it.

3. Online Groups and Pages

Facebook is a goldmine to connect with trans folks in Connecticut.

There are tons of groups you can join, some exclusive to trans folks, and others more general for the queer community.

First up is Transgender in Connecticut, a regional group for trans, non-binary, GNC, and intersex individuals.

It’s not a dating group; it’s more about connecting with the community and making friends.

Then there’s the CT TransAdvocacy Coalition, an open group where trans people regularly share upcoming TG-focused events and resources.

Moving on, we have the popular Queer Exchange Connecticut, focusing on the LGBTQ+ community, sharing resources, and socializing in general.

Last but not least, Queer in Connecticut is worth mentioning.

Similar to the one above, it has a lot of members, and their main focus is on event listings and sharing info about meetups.

4. Trans Dating Sites

Shemales online in New Haven

Connecticut is a relatively small state so you’d often have to travel to other cities to meet up with trans folks.

So if you’re trying to find trans individuals near Hartford, New Haven, or other nearby areas then your best bet is to use online dating sites.

But the question is: which dating app has the most trans members? Well, OkCupid always works like a charm for me.

I always rely on it to help me find trans friends in other U.S cities.

You can also use it to find partners as it’s one of the few apps that lets you filter out trans members.

Some people also use it for casual dating, but I feel TSDates is better for that kind of stuff.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Hartford & New Haven

Connecticut is a fairly small state and as a trans person, you might find yourself moving around different cities near Hartford and New Haven.

But if you want to stick to a single place, then New Haven seems to be the best because people aren’t transphobic. Also, the nightlife is trans friendly.

However, it’s not too spectacular either and some nights can really be dull but that’s mainly due to the small trans community.

And another downside is that there aren’t many places that host drag shows either.

But occasionally, you can find fun block parties like this one…

Also, the good thing is that the people are friendly. Most locals are cool with trans folks.

So as a transgender person, you will live a rather peaceful and quiet life here.

You’re unlikely to face transphobia in these cities, but of course, experiences may vary.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Hartford & New Haven

Even though Hartford and New Haven might not look too eventful, you can still meet trans people in these cities.

Just remember that it might take a bit longer since there aren’t tons of places.

If you’re not having any luck with the nightlife spots then I’d suggest joining one of the Facebook groups.

It’s a great way to connect with the community to quickly make some trans friends.

And those who are looking for a more direct approach can use online dating sites.

So that’s a wrap from my side. I hope you enjoy meeting trans men and women in Connecticut.


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