Best places to meet trans women in Lisbon

Lisbon may not have the biggest trans community, but it’s a welcoming city with numerous inclusive spots.

It’s all about knowing your way around town and that’s where I come in.

In this guide, I’ll share some tried and tested ways to connect with trans individuals in Lisbon.

But first, let me provide you with a brief overview of how I’ve compiled the information for this guide.

Methodology for Finding Trans Friendly Spaces in Lisbon

Here’s how we’ve meticulously uncovered the best trans-friendly spaces in Lisbon:

  • Online Research: We kick off by scouring the internet to identify places that are praised for their trans-friendly atmosphere. This initial step helps us compile a list of potential spots to explore.

  • Gathering Local Insights: Next, we enlist the help of our trans friends in Lisbon to personally visit these venues. They assess the welcoming environment and engage with patrons to gather authentic feedback. This step is crucial as it ensures our recommendations are rooted in real-life experiences.

  • Community Feedback: We delve into online forums such as Reddit and Quora to gather diverse perspectives on the identified spaces. By considering the opinions of trans individuals and their allies, we gain valuable insights into how these venues are perceived within the community.

  • Identifying LGBT Hotspots: Our search extends beyond trans-specific locations to include venues that are popular among the broader LGBT community. We meticulously analyze online reviews to understand the overall atmosphere and clientele of these venues.

  • Continuous Updates: We regularly verify the status of listed venues, ensuring they are still operational, and continuously add new discoveries to our repertoire so you have access to up-to-date information.

Through these methods, we aim to provide you with a reliable and current resource for discovering safe and enjoyable spaces to connect with TGs.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Lisbon

With a population around 500,000 and millions of tourists each year, there are a lot of trans folks coming and going all year around. 

Don’t miss the Pride celebration held annually in June called Arraial Pride Lisbon.

This multi-day event explodes with colorful parades, parties, and a general atmosphere of inclusivity.

Arrasta Pride drew a massive crowd with over 100,000 attendees in 2022.

But what about meeting people outside of Pride festivities?

Here’s the good news: Lisbon offers welcoming spaces throughout the year.

Keep reading to discover some great places to connect with the city’s trans community!

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Lisbon

The Bairro Alto and Chiado gayborhood is where Lisbon’s nightlife begins.

With tasty drinks, lively music, these areas are perfect to shake off the day-to-day blues.

But of course, these neighborhoods aren’t your only options.

You’ll find a bunch of decent trans friendly night spots scattered across the city and here’s a list of places that I would recommend.

Bar TR3S Lisboa at R. Ruben A. Leitão 2A

Charming bar with excellent bartenders. While the majority of the crowd is gay, I’ve encountered numerous cross-dressers and trans men during my visits.

It’s a mix of locals and tourists, and you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Reviews of Other People about Bar TR3S Lisboa

Alberto Lemus on Google Maps:

Amazing place to sit down, grab a beer, listen to a varied and good music mix and talk with locals and/or visitors. While visiting Lisbon we spent a few nights chilling at the end of a day of walking and eating”

Finalmente Club at R. da Palmeira 38 R/C

I went to the show on a Tuesday night, and it was amazing. The drag queens were so funny and lively, they made the night really special.

They sang mostly English songs, which made me feel comfortable like I was back home.

They kept us entertained the whole time and even chatted with the audience which by the way, had many trans folks.

Reviews of Other People about Finalmente Club

Leigh McGrade on Google Maps:

“My favorite part of being queer is my community and Finalmente made us feel right at home halfway across the world. Go in with an open mind and a smile and I’m sure you will receive it tenfold in return. Can’t wait to come back!”

Shelter Bar Lisboa at R. da Palmeira 43 A

The crowd is wonderfully diverse, spanning all gender and age groups, though notably younger compared to other queer bars nearby.

As soon as you walk in, bartender Amadeo warmly greets you and remembers your drink.

He’ll even introduce you to others in the bar, making you feel like instant friends!

Reviews of Other People about Shelter Bar Lisboa

Ria Hunt on Google Maps:

We absolutely loved the Shelter Bar. We’re a queer couple from the states and went in search of other queers in the Príncipe Real area. We felt right at home and became instant friends with Amadeo behind the bar. He was a pure delight and we had to go back another night.”

Purex at 1200 241, R. das Salgadeiras 28

This bar has a dance floor and is mostly run by women. It’s a popular LGBTQ spot where everyone mixes.

It gets really busy and sometimes spills onto the streets. Entry is free! I saw lots of trans women here, probably because it feels safe.

Reviews of Other People about Purex

Ferreiratati on Google Maps:

“We went by the night and what a fantastic night we had, good music (not too loud so we can speak and dance), good drinks and good people.
Already went there for more days and it’s always very good. Love it!”

Side Bar at R. da Barroca 33

It’s a cool queer pub with fantastic design. When I arrived, I was the only customer, but as the night went on, the place filled up, and I met some wonderful transgender folks.

Reviews of Other People about Side Bar

Erika on Google Maps:

“While visiting Lisbon we found this hidden gem where we could sit and relax, listen to music and take in some people watching. We enjoyed it so much we came back for more drinks. Definitely seek this bar out, good drinks and a real fun atmosphere.”

2. Community Centers and Organizations

If you prefer meeting trans individuals during the day time then head to Centro LGBT.

It’s a cultural space for trans, bisexual, gay, lesbian and intersex people.

They provide community support and host a ton of events and support groups to help you connect.

You can also engage in fun activities like board games, or enjoy their afternoon karaoke sessions to connect with other LGBT folks.

Here’s a detailed review of the kind of atmosphere you can find at this center:

Rui Fernandes on Google Maps:

“Community space dedicated to the LGBTI population. Quiet and inclusive environment, always with someone friendly to serve you. Cozy space to drink coffee, tea, beer, cider or just chat. Great for starting a Friday or Saturday night with a drink or a shot.

With a varied program with parties, quizzes, karaoke nights, gatherings and much more.

Board games and books are always available.

There is Wi-Fi and a PC available for free use. It also has a microwave if you want to heat up something to eat there.

Great space to hang out or just relax.”

3. Trans Friendly Dating Sites

Shemale friendly Dating Sites in Lisbon

Finding love as a trans person can be tough.

It often feels like an uphill battle, dealing with chasers or getting ignored as soon as you mention you’re trans. It’s frustrating, I get it.

But if you’re looking for a dating site in Lisbon that actually works, give OkCupid a try. I’m not saying you won’t face challenges there, but the overall user base tends to be more mature.

Personally, I’ve had some really good connections through OkCupid, both in terms of friendships and romance.

And it’s not just me—people on the AskTransgender Subreddit also recommend the platform.

4. Online Groups and Pages

There are a few communities that focus on queer women, except for Lisbon Queer Exchange, which is for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

There’s also L-Night Lisbon, a social group for queer women who speak English.

And Portugal LGBTQ Women welcomes everyone, whether you’re gay, trans, or non-binary.

5. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Transgender at Manny's Place Lisbon

Lisbon has some amazing LGBT restaurants where you can potentially meet trans people. Here are your options:

Manny’s Place at R. da Barroca 92

This spot is famous for its bi-weekly drag shows. Make sure to call them to confirm the days before visiting.

The restaurant is also packed on regular days, but the odds of bumping into trans individuals are significantly lower.

Reviews of Other People about Manny’s Place

Manuel Ramón Pedroso López on Google Maps:

“Cheerful place, full of music and good vibes. The food is amazing. All the staff is super friendly and will make sure you have a special time and feel welcome. The drag show is just WOW, the gurls know their craft! They will keep you coming for more”

Matchbox Crossfit at R. Dom Luís de Noronha 25A

If you’re looking for a trans friendly gym in Lisbon then this is the place.

The staff is very LGBT+ friendly and so are the majority of members. Many trans folks come here to workout and connect.

Reviews of Other People about Matchbox Crossfit

Samantha Fox on Google Maps:

“I did a few drop in sessions in this gym while on a trip in Lisbon and I would 100% recommend and encourage you to drop in if you’re in the city! They have extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly coaches who make you feel very welcome and will explain the workout to you in English!”

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Lisbon

Living as a transgender person in Lisbon generally means not facing much discrimination.

Most people don’t pay much attention to your gender identity, and you likely won’t encounter transphobia.

While words like “tranny” might be used as insults or jokes among friends, it’s usually not meant as discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.

The good news is that Portugal has laws protecting people from discrimination based on gender identity, both in general and specifically in the workplace.

It’s called the “self-determination law” and it’s worth reading if you don’t know your rights.

Overall, while there may be some challenges, you’ll likely find Lisbon to be a relatively comfortable place to be transgender.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Lisbon

Lisbon is a fantastic city to meet trans people. Even if you can’t make it to the Pride parade, don’t worry!

There are plenty of ways to connect with trans individuals, both online and offline.

Personally, I suggest checking out the nightlife scene, but remember, it’s all about what makes you comfortable.

So, that’s it from me. I hope you have a great time meeting trans people in Lisbon!

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