Where to Meet Trans Men and Women in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has an inclusive atmosphere, and while trans folks can be found in most public spaces, it’s not guaranteed.

So if you’re looking for more reliable ways to befriend, date, or even hookup with TGs, then you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll share some of the most effective methods to meet trans men and women in Minneapolis.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trans yourself or cisgender because we’ll explore options for everyone, so keep scrolling!

List of TG Friendly Venues in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a lot of night venues where you can find trans individuals, but also community centers and even a dedicated library.

And if you’re wondering, I’m not even counting the spots in St. Paul. I’ve already covered that in the St. Paul trans guide.

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny Friendly Bars and Clubs in Minneapolis

Some of the best trans bars and clubs in Minneapolis are located near Hennepin Avenue.

But there are other neighborhoods as well where you can find some great spots.

So let’s help you explore some of your options.

Gay 90’s – Don’t let the name deceive you because this bar isn’t just popular among queer folks but also has a lot of T’s showing up every night.

The atmosphere here is certainly more casual and it’s easy to tell that most people just want to hookup.

The Saloon – They host drag shows and various events throughout the week that are centered around the LGBT+ community.

It also has a dance floor that is open on the weekend and is often packed.

Even though it’s considered to be the main “gay” bar of the city, you’ll find trans folks here almost every night.

The Brass Rail Lounge – You’ll find a lot of crossdressers here and also some strippers. The crowd is usually older than 30 with some TGs in the mix.

The only problem is that the bartenders here are jerks and the drinks are also costly.

LUSH Lounge & Theater – Enjoy an inclusive atmosphere with a mix of queer, trans, and cis folks all gathered to enjoy incredible drag queen performances.

Roxy’s Cabaret – You’ll also find a lot of trans people here every night both in the crowd as well as on stage.

And it’s not surprising considering they host the best drag shows in Minneapolis. You can just feel the energy in this video…

2. Community Centers and Organizations

Minneapolis sadly does not have an LGBT+ community center. But you can find some organizations such as OutFront and Reclaim.

Both of them host support groups and meetups for trans individuals. Another one is Minnesota Transgender Alliance. They also host social groups and events across the state.

Keep an eye on their calendar to know when they’re coming to the Twin Cities.

And if you’re looking for a more active approach, you can also join the social/sports event hosted by Stonewall Sports.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Trans Friendly Dating Sites in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is home to a vibrant trans community, so naturally, they’re also active on online dating sites.

You can try pretty much every app and you’ll find a bunch of trans profiles, but the one that worked the best for us was HER.

It may not be as famous as apps like Tinder but it has a lot of trans users, even though it’s mainly designed for lesbians.

But the majority of the users there are either looking for dates or a platonic relationship.

If you’re after a more casual arrangement then perhaps TSdates would be the better choice.

4. Online Groups and Forums

There are a bunch of online groups that you can join to mingle with TGs here.

We’re going to start with Queer Exchange as it’s one of the largest LGBT+ Facebook groups in the Twin Cities.

Even though it’s mainly a community for queer people, you’ll find many trans folks as well.

Members of the group also regularly post info about upcoming events that you can join.

Another one is QueerFriends which is also pretty active, despite not having too many members.

Lastly, LGBTQ+ Twin Cities is another group worth checking out. It has plenty of users sharing info about local events and arranging get-togethers.

5. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Shemales at Gyms in Minneapolis

You can find many other inclusive spaces in Minneapolis like the Quatrefoil Library.

It acts as a gathering point for LGBT+ folks and you’ll find trans individuals visiting this place almost daily.

Then there’s also a trans friendly gym called Solcana Fitness. It’s a queer, woman-owned place.

They host fitness classes where you can find many people from the LGBT+ community to socialize with.

What It’s Like To Be Transgender in Minneapolis

Many people don’t know this but Minneapolis was actually the first city to pass the trans rights bill in the U.S.

And today, alongside St. Paul, the Twin Cities have become a sanctuary for trans individuals.

I’ve spent one month in Minneapolis and honestly even the more conservative suburban areas feel safe here. You can’t really say that for every city.

Trans healthcare is also easily accessible and you’ll find a lot of fun places to meet other TGs.

So I give the city a 7/10 which is as good as it gets on the trans scale because no place is really perfect.

But Minneapolis is definitely one of the best cities for transgender individuals out there.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Minneapolis

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call Minneapolis a haven for trans individuals. The city is literally packed with LGBT+ spots.

And if you stay around Seward and Hennepin Avenue, you’ll likely come across TGs each time you go out.

These areas have the majority of the bars and clubs that are popular among trans men and women.

But as we discussed, you can also join support groups, volunteer in organizations or simply hop on to dating sites.

In conclusion, Minneapolis offers ample opportunities to connect with the trans community, regardless of gender identity.

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