Best places to meet trans in Seattle

If you’re looking for hot spots to find trans people in Seattle this guide has all the info you’re looking for.

The city is loaded with TG friendly venues and has numerous support groups to socialize with the community.

So whether you want to connect with trans individuals for friendship or dating, we’ll explore all your options.

Alongside that, we’ll also talk about the city life for transgender folks and answer some common questions I get asked all the time.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Seattle

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Seattle

You’ll find LGBTQ venues all across Seattle. But Capitol Hill, in particular, houses numerous queer bars that are all trans-friendly.

With so many places to try out, I’ll save you some time by listing the ones that are generally considered to be the favorites.

Kremverk – It’s a nightclub that occasionally organizes drag king and variety shows. The nights I’ve been here I noticed most of the crowd were trans and non binary people.

The Cuff Complex – A gay leather entertainment multiplex with 3 bars, but it welcomes everyone, including trans folks. The lower bar gets loud with dancing and singing.

The patio is for a relaxed hangout and conversation with a few drinks. If you want to chat or flirt, the upper bar is the place to be.

CC’s Attle’s – Another inclusive space that’s often frequented by TGs. The only drawback is that the place becomes fully packed during the weekends and you’d hardly find a place to stand, let alone sit.

Unicorn – This bar is a social hub among trans folks due to its karaoke and drag queen bingo. The vibe is just perfect as everyone wants to have fun and is open to conversations.

WildRose – The only lesbian bar in Seattle that welcomes everyone but you’ll find a high number of trans women at the venue.   

Queer/Bar –This bar draws patrons from across the LGBTQ spectrum, with a significant representation of non-binary and trans individuals. The weekends come alive with fantastic drag shows that never fail to impress.

2. Community Centers

Seattle has a couple of LGBTQ community centers. The most popular is Gay City

It is a central hub for Seattle’s LGBTQ community, providing supportive resources and promoting well-being for transgender individuals. They also offer free STI/STD testing services with full confidentiality.

Another option is the Ingersoll Gender Center which stands as a dedicated organization created by and for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.

On Wednesday night meet the support group while on Saturday afternoon meet the social group. Great place to meet trans people.

Then there’s also Lambert House which is a safe space for LGBTQ youth. It’s a great place to socialize with trans folks and people who are still exploring their gender identity.

You can join a support group, engage in activities, talk to adult volunteers, and easily make new trans friends!

3. Trans Dating Sites

Online trans dating in Seattle

There are plenty of TGs in Seattle, but breaking the ice is kind of tricky. Everyone minds their own business outside and people aren’t particularly chatty.

So based on my experience, one of the easiest ways to socialize with the trans community is online. And for that, there’s no better platform than OkCupid.

It’s a dating app that also works like a charm to meet trans individuals. But most of them are looking for something serious.

If you want to keep things low-key and relaxed, then TSDates is a better choice.

It’s all about that casual vibe, making it the perfect platform to find like-minded trans men and women down for a more easygoing relationship.

4. Trans Organizations

Trans Social Group Seattle

Another great way to meet trans folks in Seattle is by becoming a part of The Emerald City Social Group.

It’s an inclusive transgender-focused organization that hosts monthly events and meetups.

You can learn more about their upcoming events either by submitting an application on their website or by joining their Facebook group.

But note that only trans individuals can join the community, so if you’re cisgendered, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

This brings us to the Seattle Trans Pride, which allows everyone and obviously has a high attendance of trans individuals.

But it’s an annual event, so if you miss it, then you’ll have to wait a whole year.

5. Online Groups and Forums

Social Media Trans Meetups Eugene

If you prefer taking the online route, then another way to meet trans people is by joining one of the many Facebook communities.

There are quite a few trans-focused groups in Seattle and all of them are pretty active.

We’ll start with the Seattle Trans & Nonbinary Community. As the name implies, this group focuses on trans & nonbinary folks but also welcomes queer, intersex people and others.

If you want to specifically connect with male to female trans then Seattle Trans Women is a great place.

Lastly, if you’re looking for trans or queer roommates then this Housing Network certainly makes life easier.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Seattle

Seattle is definitely one of the most trans friendly cities in the U.S. The only problem is that making friends or dating can sometimes be hard.

The reason behind that is the Seattle Freeze. But luckily, once you get past that and people start opening up to you, there’s no better place.

I spent a portion of my childhood in Seattle, and growing up I rarely witnessed any problems for LGBTQ people.

You might encounter some drunk transphobic assholes from time to time who’d use slurs like “tranny” and “shemale” but they’re in the minority.

Health insurance plans are required to cover gender-affirming care. Statewide, you can use bathrooms based on your gender identity.

If you want to change your gender marker and name, you just have to pay a fee at the courthouse.

A hearing is involved, but it’s mainly to ensure you’re not attempting to avoid convictions or any legal issues.

Overall, living here is absolutely worth it, especially for the legal protections.

Common Questions From The Seattle Trans Community

What are some trans friendly gyms in Seattle?

If you’re looking for a trans-friendly gym in Seattle then just head to any gym in Capitol Hill. It’s the official LGBTQ neighborhood of the city.

Pretty much every gym in the area caters to the needs of trans individuals by having gender neutral locker rooms and other facilities.

Where can you meet trans women in Seattle?

The easiest way to meet trans women in Seattle is by going to the Capitol Hill district and looking for bars with the pride flag. You can easily find TGs at most of these places.

When is the Seattle Pride Parade hosted?

The Seattle Pride Parade is hosted every year on the last Sunday in June. It used to be held in Capitol Hills Volunteer Park. But since 2006, it has been moved to Downtown Seattle to accommodate the growing attendance.

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