Best places to meet transgender in Valencia

Valencia’s trans scene isn’t immediately obvious due to a limited number of night spots but trust me, it’s one of the best cities you can go to.

All you need is someone to point you in the right direction, and that’s why I’m here.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best places to meet trans people in Valencia. From fun night spots to online platforms, I’ve got everything covered.

So let’s dive in and explore the inclusive and welcoming trans scene of Valencia together.

Methodology for Finding Trans Friendly Spaces in Valencia

Here at WorldTransGuides, we believe in transparency, which is why we want to share how we gather information for our guides:

  • Personal Experiences: I personally explore the city to experience its culture and inclusivity first-hand if it’s possible. This includes visiting various nightspots and engaging with the community online.

  • Local Insights: We reach out to local trans individuals through online platforms to gather their feedback about different trans-friendly venues.

  • Online Discussions: We scour platforms like Reddit and Quora to see what people are saying about various venues. This helps ensure our recommendations are based on real-life experiences.

  • Regular Updates: Our work doesn’t stop once the guide is published. We continually update our guides, adding new information and removing venues that have closed down.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Valencia

With 790,000 residents, Valencia is far behind in terms of population when compared to Barcelona and Madrid.

But like other cities in Spain, its LGBT-scene it’s one of the best in the world.

Every year, the Valencia annual Pride Parade is attended by more than 25,000 people.

So if you want to meet trans people then there are many places you can go to, let’s explore some of your options.

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Valencia

1. Bars and Clubs

The main LGBT-focused area in Valencia is Gayxample. It’s located near Gran Via del Marques del Turia, in the city center.

It’s packed with bars, clubs and restaurants and many other LGBTQ-owned businesses.

But you’ll find trans friendly venues scattered across throughout the city as well, so here are some of the most popular ones.

The Muse at C/ de Ruaya

This is the place where the majority of people start their night and get some drinks before going to Deseo.

But you’re more than welcome to stay longer because it’s a very LGBT+ friendly place and you can meet some cool queer folks.

Reviews of Other People about The Muse

Michael C at Google Maps:

“Great bar for drinks, the owners are sweet and kind. Reasonable price. Huge floor for dancing and very crowded around 12 AM on Friday night.”

Deseo 54 at C/ de Pepita

This place is marketed as a gay club but honestly, the crowd is mixed and you’ll see many trans individuals.

They have a dance floor downstairs so if you’re in the mood to party, that’s where you want to be. The entry fee is €10 on weekends.

Reviews of Other People about Deseo 54

Andres Access on Google Maps:

“An attractive well-presented discotheque. Downstairs is large with pop music, upstairs a small bar with better music for example house, disco, trance. This was a Friday and entrance was 18 euros, it was busy.”

Piccadilly Downtown Club at Carrer dels Tomasos’

The club itself is pretty average but the silent disco upstairs is quite innovative.

You can dance with headphones on to your favorite songs. Plus, it’s an LGBTQ+ club, so you know you’ll be in good company!

Reviews of Other People about Piccadilly Downtown Club

Nuria Castillo Quílez on Google Maps:

“I loved the place, it was very nice and safe. The fact that you could change songs with headphones was the perfect point!”

PUB Planet Valencia at Carrer de Sueca

This queer bar features a dance area with mostly Spanish music – a perfect spot to mingle and party with the local community. I especially noticed many trans women hanging out here.

Reviews of Other People about PUB Planet Valencia

Vanessa MuMo on Google Maps:

“I love this place, it has a very colorful atmosphere, whoever goes there already knows it, it’s very easy to meet new people with good vibes! Sometimes the music is a bit retro but you can ask the DJ for any style.”

2. Community Centers and Organizations

Transgender Community Center Valencia

Valencia doesn’t have an official LGBT+ community center but Colours at the cercle brings the community together every Tuesday at 8 pm at the MuVIM museum.

It’s like a workshop where you can connect with trans people, participate in debates and make new friends.

Another organization is Lambda Valencia, it’s considered to be the safeplace for trans individuals here as they share a ton of resources for the community.

You can learn about any events and meetups through their site, they’re also the organizers of Valencia’s annual Pride Parade.

3. Online Groups and Pages

I wasn’t able to find an active LGBT-focused group on Facebook but there’s a cool community on Meetup.

It’s named the Gay and Gay-Friendly Language Exchange Group. It doesn’t have too many members but you can see that they host an event every month which might be great for encountering TGs.

Alternatively, there’s also a Discord server for LGBT+ folks. While it isn’t specifically meant for dating, you can make new friends there and maybe take things forward from there.

4. Other LGBT+ Spaces

The drag scene in Valencia isn’t big but you can find a few cool restaurants that host drag shows where you can bump into trans individuals.

I’ll start with Turangalila at Av. del Mestre Rodrigo. It’s one of the highest rated restaurants in the city on Google.

Their real draw are the drag shows which are always entertaining and go about till 2 am.

Turangalila Collage Trans Shemale Meetup Valencia

The other one is Barbarela, it’s not as popular as the first one but they also host some entertaining shows.

You might feel a bit left out if you don’t speak Spanish, but the performance of the queens make it worth it.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Valencia

Valencia is similar to Barcelona in its acceptance of trans individuals.

In the past, both the city hall and the regional parliament raised the rainbow flag, showing their support.

There was even an official campaign promoting Valencia as a great destination for LGBTQ+ tourists.

While you might come across a rare narrow-minded individual, most people and the authorities are supportive.

So, whether you’re visiting as a tourist or considering moving there, you can relax and enjoy your time without any worries!

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Valencia

You can’t really go wrong with Valencia, it’s one of the most trans friendly cities in Spain.

Just take a stroll around Gayxample and you’ll probably encounter many trans people along the way.

And if you don’t, then just visit one of the places I’ve shared in this guide, or connect online – it’s all about your preference!

So that’s all from my side, hope you have a wonderful time mingling with the trans community of Valencia.

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