Best places to meet trans women in Quebec

Quebec might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think about connecting with the trans community, but it’s not a bad place.

While the scene may be lowkey, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

That’s where I come in. In this guide, I’ll walk you through some tried-and-tested ways to meet trans people in Quebec.

But before jumping into that, let me give you a quick rundown of how I’ve put together the info for this guide.

Methodology for Finding Trans Friendly Spaces in Quebec City

At WorldTransGuides, we take pride in our meticulous process for uncovering the best trans-friendly spaces in Quebec City. Here’s a glimpse into how we gather our data:

  • We start  Online: First, we search the internet to see which places are talked about for being trans-friendly. This helps us make a starting list of spots to check out.

  • Checking with Locals: Then, we ask our trans friends in Quebec City to visit these places. They see how welcoming these spots really are and talk to people there to get their thoughts. This step is super important because it means our recommendations are based on real experiences.

  • Reading What People Say: We also look at what people are saying on forums like Reddit and Quora. This gives us a bunch of different viewpoints and lets us know how trans folks and their allies feel about these places.

  • Finding LGBT Hotspots: We’re not just looking for trans-only spots; we also look for places that are popular with the whole LGBT community. We read lots of reviews online to learn about the vibe and who hangs out there.

  • Keeping It Fresh: Our guide doesn’t just sit there getting old. We keep updating it, checking if places are still open, and adding new spots that we find.

Using these methods, we make sure our guide helps you find safe and fun places in Quebec City where you can be yourself.

We want to make exploring the city easier for you with information that’s reliable and up-to-date.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Quebec

Quebec City isn’t huge and only has a population of roughly 550,000 residents but it still has a thriving transgender community.

It’s just that most trans individuals stay lowkey, but if you ever visit the city during Fête Arc-en-Ciel, you’ll see its LGBT+ community in full swing.

For those who don’t know, it’s a socio-artistic Pride Festival that takes place during the Labor Day weekend.

This annual pride weekend attracts over 35,000 attendees to the city, including many members of the trans community.

But I know, finding LGBT+ folks on regular days isn’t easy. That’s why whether you’re a local or a visitor, check out my list below to connect with the trans community.

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Quebec

Quebec isn’t really known for its nightlife, and the pandemic further killed some good venues.

But you can still find a few queer friendly places, especially around Saint Joseph and Saint Jean Street.

So here’s a list of potential nightclubs and bars to meet transgender people. 

Bar St-Matthew’s at 889 Côte Sainte-Geneviève

It’s a popular pub for the LGBT community and people exploring their sexuality. They also host incredible drag shows.

The staff is friendly, and the prices are good, not too high. There are many poker machines, a pool table, and a jukebox you can pay to use.

Reviews of Other People about Bar St-Matthew’s

Damien Callicott on Google Maps:

“Really enjoyed the place and the people. We don’t know any French except for pleasantries and they tried to make us feel welcomed.“

Le Drague Cabaret Club at 815 Rue Saint-Augustin

This place is a blast and very welcoming, located near Old Quebec! The shows are entertaining, and the music on the dance floor downstairs is fantastic with many queer patrons around.

However, the cost of drinks compared to their potency takes away a star from this otherwise excellent bar.

Tip: Follow their Instagram to see a weekly schedule of their shows. You can buy tickets in advance through the link in their bio!

Reviews of Other People about Le Drague Cabaret Club

Pilar Cald on Google Maps:

“I’ve been to many drag shows and this one is my absolute favorite! The Queens were stunning, makeup flawless, outfits and choreography was on point! My friends and I had a blast!!! I will totally comeback. Drinks were a bit on the weak side and still enjoyable and affordable. This club has different levels and the music varies between levels. It was overall a great experience“

Le Bal du Lézard at 1049 3e Ave at 1049 3e Ave

This place has some friendly people and a ton of LGBT+ folks as well. The average age is 40-50, so expect more mature conversations than in other bars filled with young adults.

Reviews of Other People about Le Bal du Lézard

Maoisai on Google Maps:

“Small but with a very nice terrace. Well located. Doesn’t offer food and the beer selection isn’t the widest but the atmosphere is very nice and the people friendly.”

Fou-Bar at 525 Rue Saint-Jean

This venue attracts a diverse crowd, including queer, trans, and cis individuals; the mix varies depending on the night. The main challenge is the limited seating, especially during weekends, which can result in long wait times.

Reviews of Other People about Fou-Bar

Jacqueline Nguyen on Google Maps:

“Really friendly local bar with live music and good beer. The staff were very friendly and welcoming. The live music was really good fun. They pass around a hat at the interval for tips so make sure you bring cash.”

2. Community Centers and Organizations

Quebec lacks its own dedicated LGBT community center, instead, most people go to Montreal to socialize.

However, Gris Quebec stands out as an organization offering queer/trans workshops and support groups.

They actively promote awareness about gender identities and sexual orientations.

Here’s what other members of the LGBT+ community have to say about this organization:

Nova Lavictoire on Google Maps:

“Everyone is really sweet, it’s a super inclusive place where there are no taboos and lots of positivity.”

3. Online Groups

Online communities in Quebec are somewhat limited, but there are still some options. 

The first one is the Trans Quebec Facebook group. They welcome trans folks, non-binary people, those questioning, and allies.

It only has around 600 members, so not a big community, but it’s lively and welcoming.

Then there’s Trans Province de Québec, focused just on trans individuals, no matter if you’re MTF, FTM, or anywhere else on the spectrum. This group aims to be a supportive spot for trans people to connect.

4. Trans Dating Sites

Shemale Dating Sites in Quebec

Finding your way through the dating scene as a trans person, especially in a laid-back city like Quebec, can be a bit of a journey.

But hey, there’s OKCupid, and for many of us, it’s like our digital safe space, where everybody knows your pronouns!

Now, if you’re not trans and you’re thinking of swiping through profiles to find trans folks, hold up a sec.

It’s cool that you’re open-minded, but just remember, we’re not looking to be put on a pedestal as some kind of novelty. We’re just people looking for connections, you know?

But hey, if you’re genuinely into making real connections, dive in!

Quebec’s OKCupid scene is buzzing with awesome trans folks ready to chat and maybe even grab a poutine together.

Reviews of Other People about OkCupid

Kendra Newman on Quora:

“OkCupid is great because it’s open-minded and allows users to identify as transgender or non-binary. It offers a wide range of gender and orientation options, making it easier to connect with people who match your preferences.”

Whooterzoot on Reddit:

“OKCupid has been my go to since college, way before I knew I was trans, and had remained so throughout my transition. I swear by it. All my best connections have come through there.”

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Quebec City

Being transgender in Quebec is a bit of a mixed bag. Urban areas are generally cool with trans folks, but rural areas might not be as chill.

You might bump into a few transphobes here and there, but most people are either supportive or don’t really care.

One big issue is getting medical care. The waitlists for trans care can be crazy long, sometimes over a year.

And if you’re looking for work, you’ll probably need to know French. But hey, on the bright side, many workplaces here are LGBTQ+ friendly.

If you’re thinking about moving here, definitely brush up on your French.

People care more about you speaking French than whatever your gender identity is.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Quebec City

Quebec City might not be overflowing with trans-specific spots, but that doesn’t mean it lacks welcoming places for the trans community.

We’ve uncovered many places that stand out for their inclusivity and warm vibes.

And if you prefer online interactions, then we’ve also discussed online dating sites.

So that’s all from my side. I hope this guide helps you connect with the wonderful trans community in Quebec City!

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