Trans women Singapore

Singapore is known for its strict social norms, and the stigma surrounding trans folks is extremely strong.

This makes finding transgender individuals challenging as they’re pretty careful about who they connect with.

But despite the obstacles, there are a few avenues available to socialize with the trans community.

In this article, we’ll shed more light on these inclusive spaces. But before that, let’s talk about the public opinion towards trans people in Singapore.

List of Transgender-Friendly Venues in SG

1. Gay Bars and Clubs

tranny night in Singapore

While there are no trans-exclusive clubs in Singapore, there are a growing number of gay bars.

These venues are becoming increasingly popular among TGs since they have an inclusive environment.

Here are a couple of bars and clubs that are most popular among transgender and crossdressers.

Dorothy’s Bar – Located in the heart of Chinatown, this bar is known for its queer clientele. It has an inclusive atmosphere with crowds from mixed backgrounds, and especially trans individuals. 

Tantric Bar – This is primarily a gay bar but it not only welcomes straight men and women but also trans individuals. It has two floors, with the 2nd floor generally having a younger crowd.

Taboo Bar Now Closed – Taboo has been around for a while and has relocated multiple times but their parties are still amazing. While you’ll mostly encounter gays and bisexuals, meeting trans isn’t uncommon here.

Crazy Horse – If you want to change the pace a bit then this disco club is a great spot to meet and flirt with trans folks. But just a heads up that the place is also visited by cisgender people so you have to be upfront about who you’re looking for.

2. Trans-Friendly Websites

Trans Dating Sites Singapore

It isn’t uncommon for trans folks in Singapore to use dating sites. And the majority prefer to hang out on friendly trans sites rather than general dating apps like Tinder.

One popular dating site popular among trans people in Singapore is MyLadyboyCupid. They seek meaningful connections with cis men and women, not only casual sex.

If you’re looking for casual sex with transgenders you should opt for TSDates. This site is all about hookups and no string-attached relationships.

The site has a lot of nudity. In case that isn’t your cup of tea, I suggest don’t sign up

3. LGBT Support Groups

There are numerous LGBT support groups in Singapore where you can socialize with trans folks.

We’ll start with Bissu which is a platform that spreads awareness for LGBT+ and their allies.

There’s also Free Community Church which is a place for LGBT Christians. This church has a cell group consisting of trans folks.

Other notable mentions include Oogachaga, a personal development LGBT agency, and a peer support group called TransBefrienders

Lastly, The T Project is one of the largest trans communities in the city.

Here’s a video in which the shelter’s manager, Eztelle talks more about this initiative.

4. Social Networks

Singapore has multiple social platforms to connect with transsexuals but one of the best has to be the Transcend Discord channel.

It is an active and inclusive community with over 500 trans users. It also allows people who are questioning their gender identity.

Another option is a Facebook group called SgButterfly that accepts transsexuals, crossdressers, and some LGBT allies. It mostly has trans women and does not allow straight men.

Fortunately, there’s another Facebook community, Break the Binary that focuses more on female to male transsexuals (FTM).

And if you’re still struggling to network with trans men and women then you can always create a post on the Singapore LGBTQ+ subreddit.

5. LGBT Communities

TS event in Singapore

There are a couple of LGBT communities like Prout that host events from time to time, which are great for meeting transsexuals.

They frequently post about upcoming queer and trans-friendly meetups on their Facebook page.

Another community is Pink Dot, a non-profit movement for the LGBT community. They host annual events that grow bigger every time.

What is it Like to Be a Transgender in Singapore?

Singapore has seen some progress in recent years regarding common LGBT issues.

For example, they have lifted the ban on gay marriage which also led to a positive impact on the trans community.

But still, the hypocrisy regarding trans folks is just insane. It’s not that they are physically unsafe, but they are subject to a lot of discrimination.

Most people will pretend to be okay with it but act judgemental when they see a trans person.

An example of that is this Reddit post. It is a personal account of an individual who identifies as transgender and attends a Ministry of Education (MOE) school in Singapore.

The original poster discusses their experiences of discrimination and lack of support from the school administration.

We feel this really brought attention to the problems trans people face in Singapore during their daily lives.

In fact, it stirred so much controversy that Vice Asia even reached out to the student to cover the issue as you can see in this video…

Common Questions About Singaporean Trans

Is it necessary for transsexuals to join the military in Singapore?

No, it is not necessary for transsexuals to join the National Service (NS) in Singapore. Military service in Singapore is mandatory for male citizens.

But transgender individuals may have specific considerations and exemptions based on their gender identity and medical circumstances. Each case is assessed individually.

Is the word “ladyboy” considered offensive in Singapore?

The term “ladyboy” is generally regarded as offensive and derogatory in Singapore. It is on the same level as words like “tranny” and “shemale” if not more.

Can trans people get married in Singapore?

Yes, trans people can get married in Singapore especially since the city has lifted its ban on same-sex marriage.

But in the past, they had to change their gender marker through gender reassignment surgery legally.

This process also involved obtaining a new identification card reflecting their gender.

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