Best places to meet transgender women in Milan

Milan is one of the best cities in Italy to meet trans people. With fun locals and great nightlife, it has a lot to offer.

The city is mostly open-minded, and it’s easy to find a community if you know where to look.

And you’re in luck because I’ve spent a lot of time exploring Milan, so I’ll guide you on the best ways to meet transgender people here.

But before I start, here’s some insight into how I’ve gathered the info.

Methodology for Finding Trans Friendly Spaces in Milan

Here’s a step-by-step process of how we collect info for these guides:

Step 1 – Online Search: We create an initial roadmap by searching for the top-rated LGBT+ spots according to Google. 

Step 2 – Community Opinions: There are many gems that are often overlooked by Google. This is where online forums like Reddit come in. It’s perfect for getting different views and recommendations from the community.

Step 3 – Tiring Legwork:Once we have an initial list, it’s time to do the legwork. Either I or one of my crew member visits these places to get first-hand experience.

Step 4 – Regular Updates: The work doesn’t just end here. We check from time to time if our recommended places are still open and add new ones we find.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Milan

Milan is considered to be the gay capital of Italy. It has a population of 1.3 million with a large majority of LGBT+ supporters.

The best time to visit this city is in June during the Milan Pride Parade, attended by more than 200,000 people.

As you can see in the video, this is area around Pride Square, and there’s hardly any space to walk…

1. Bars and Clubs

There are a ton of trans friendly bars and nightclubs, especially around its queer district, Porta Venezia. It’s a famous meeting spot for queer tourists and locals alike.

Here are my recommendations for some of the best night venues.

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Milan

Mono Bar at Via Panfilo Castaldi

Famous LGBT-friendly bar that has been serving amazing cocktails for almost two decades. The clientele is often a mix of locals and tourists, and you can bump into trans people especially on weekends.

Reviews of Other People about Mono Bar

Danny Moran on Google Maps:

“This place is a cute little bar with some pretty cool eclectic taste. This is a great place to go and hang out with friends or even make new ones.”

Toilet Club at Via Alfonso Gatto

This cool queer club in Milan is a big space with two floors, featuring drag queen shows and nice facilities, all at a reasonable price. There’s no membership needed to get in, unlike some other places.

Reviews of Other People about Toilet Club

Chiara Lupo on Google Maps:

“A truly LGBT friendly place, without being classist or elitist like others. I think the only one I return to knowing I’m safe.”

Inferus Club at Via Giovanni Paisiello

Fun club that hosts trans nights on Wednesdays. But the problem is that they charge a 15 euro cover fee along with a 27 euro membership fee which isn’t ideal for tourists.

Reviews of Other People about Inferus Club

Denis De’ Vianza on Google Maps:

“I was there for the first time on Wednesday, I found the evening very pleasant with Pezzotti as an undoubtedly talented host. The venue, the show and the environment are beautiful and leave you free to be yourself. From Turin I will definitely return.”

Lola Bar at Via Alessandro Tadino

Amazing cocktails and super friendly staff, spent an incredible night here. I came alone as a tourist and left with new transgender friends!

Reviews of Other People about Lola Bar

Der Timm on Google Maps:

“Very lovely gay bar in Milano. Prices are reasonable, waiters are friendly and cocktails are very good. I can only recommend going there! You will not regret it.”

Pop at Via Alessandro Tadino

The staff is nice, and the place is cozy and easygoing. It’s small, but if you find a spot, it’s great for chatting since the music isn’t too loud. They offer good food and snack options at fair prices.

On weekends, they host feminist and LGBT+ events, so you’re likely to meet trans people.

Reviews of Other People about Pop

Jeese Brandt on Google Maps:

“Couldn’t recommend enough! Amazing queer bar, super welcoming, really nice people, cheap prices. Came back couple days in a row!”

2. Community Centers and Organizations

Cartelli belli dal #MilanoPride

I don’t think Milan has an LGBT+ community center but the organizers of Milan Pride often host events.

You can connect with them and perhaps join in as volunteer, it’d be a great way to meet transgender people.  

And you should also keep an eye on the LGBT+ Film Festival that takes place every year.

I can’t confirm a date because it varies every year, so if you want to join it then plan your trip accordingly. 

3. Trans Friendly Dating Sites

Milan has a lively LGBT+ scene, making it easy to connect with trans people online.

This can be especially helpful if you’re introverted or new to the city, as the language barrier can make face-to-face interactions challenging if you don’t speak Italian.

While there are many apps you can use, I’ve found that Tinder is the most active here.

However, use it with caution. Tinder is often used for hookups, and you’ll encounter many immature teenagers.

That’s why, trans individuals might not be very open on the app.

To stand out, I suggest clearly expressing your support for the LGBT+ community in your bio.

4. Other LGBT+ Spaces

LGBT Library in Milan

If you want to visit a quieter place then try going to Libreria Antigone at Via Antonio Kramer.

It’s a cool LGBTQ+ and feminist bookstore with plenty of queer souvenirs and friendly staff that speaks good English.

This bookshop also acts as a gathering spot for the community, so you’ll often bump into trans individuals.

Other than that during Pride Month, the streets of Porta Venezia, particularly Via Lecco, become the main hotspots.

Largo Bellintani transforms into the official Pride Square, hosting various meetings and events all along the street.

But even during other months, you’ll find a heavy presence of queer folks in this area.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Milan

Milan is one of the most gay-friendly city in Italy, so it’s safe to say that the LGBT+ community is generally accepted.

But based on my experience, I’d say that the acceptance of trans people might be slightly less.

That’s not to say that you’ll face downright transphobic behavior in your daily life, but you may get weird looks if you don’t pass easily.

Via Lecco is known as a popular gathering spot for many LGBTQ+ people so that’s where you’d spend the majority of your time.

However, be aware that Milan has some security concerns, so it’s wise to stay alert on Saturday nights.

Especially around groups of young people who might be looking for trouble. Other than that, you’ll have a great time in Milan as a trans person.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Milan

There are plenty of ways to connect with Milan’s trans community.

If visiting night spots isn’t your thing then you can just take a stroll around Pride Square, you’re likely to meet TGs there.

Otherwise, you can also just start slow by signing up on online dating sites, it all depends on your preference.

So that’s all from my side – hope you enjoy meeting transgender people in Milan!

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