Trans Girls in Spokane Nightclub

Finding trans in Spokane can be a bit tricky. The city gives a small town vibe, and most transgender individuals keep to themselves.

But once you find your way into the community, things do get a lot easier. That can be done by visiting trans friendly venues, support groups, or by using dating sites.

So in this article, I’ll cover the most effective ways to meet trans in Spokane based on my experience.

Along with that, I’ll also answer some common questions and shed light on the general perception of people toward trans in the city.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Spokane

1) Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Spokane

Some of the best bars and clubs in Spokane to meet transgenders are gay bars.

But fortunately, all of those are very inclusive, and it’s not uncommon to find queer/trans folks at these places, especially on weekends.

So the following are some venues that are worth visiting if you want to connect with the trans community.

nYne Bar – They host drag shows on weekends during which you’ll find a lot of trans people in the crowd. On regular days, usually you’ll meet with same sex couples, which is understandable considering it’s primarily a gay bar.

The Blind Buck – This place never has a dull moment, and they’re very hetero-friendly. You’ll especially find a lot of queer folks who can introduce you to the trans community. So just go out there and chat!

Garland Drinkery – The staff here is very inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly. They want to feel safe.

PJS Pub – One of the quieter spots in the city, but extremely inclusive. You’ll often find some trans people here, especially in the karaoke room upstairs.

Globe Bar & Kitchen – These guys are known for their amazing Sunday drag brunches which mostly have an LGBTQ+ crowd.

Not only you’re almost guaranteed to meet trans people, but you can also witness legendary drag performers like Sasha Colby…

2) LGBTQ+ Organizations

Spokane has LGBTQ+ organizations like Odyssey Youth Movement that host events like pride crawls along trans meet and greets.

They even have a community center which is one of the friendliest spaces for transgender youth in the city.

Then another organization is Spectrum Center. They also provide support to the community and often host trans-focused events.

3) Trans Dating Sites

Spokane trans girl on dating site

If you’re struggling to meet trans individuals in public spaces, then don’t worry.

Spokane has a lot of TGs who prefer staying lowkey, and the best way to meet them is online.

You can start with OkCupid which is quite popular, especially among trans women.

But just a heads up that most of them don’t mention that they’re trans in their bio to avoid chasers.

Another way is to join groups and events on While I know it isn’t a dating site, it’s still a great way to connect with the trans community.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something entirely casual, then TSDates is the place to be.

4) Social Media Groups

There are also a few trans-focused Facebook groups in Spokane. I’m going to start with Spokane Trans People.

This group is active, but they only accept trans/gender non-conforming individuals.

If you’re looking for an open group then Spokane Transgender is an option.

But the problem is, it isn’t active and might have a lot of creeps since they accept everyone.  

There’s also a Queer Housing group that can act as a useful resource, especially if you’re looking for trans roommates.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Spokane

Honestly, I have mixed opinions about Spokane. It’s definitely not the best city for trans, but not the worst either.

It mainly depends on the type of circle you personally and professionally end up in as the city has a lot of transphobes.

Trans kids in particular, often get bullied in schools. As you can see, one of those instances was also caught on camera which then went viral…

But for trans adults, it’s not as bad. Sometimes you might get called slurs like “tranny” by jerks passing by in cars but physical violence is uncommon.

And despite everything, Spokane does have plenty of inclusive spaces for TGs.

The city has also been making strides recently with its pride parade growing bigger each year. So hopefully, the locals also become more liberal over time.

Common Questions About Spoken Trans People

Is Spokane better than Seattle for trans?

While Spokane isn’t a bad city for trans folks, it’s nowhere close to Seattle.

Not only does Seattle have more places for TGs, but the locals are welcoming and support our movement.

Does Spokane have any trans bars?

No, Spokane does not have any bars that specifically focus on trans folks.

Instead, the city has a lot of gay bars that welcome everyone so you’re likely to find trans individuals at these places.

Where to meet trans women in Spokane?

The easiest way to meet trans in Spokane is by signing up on a dating site like OkCupid and TSDates.

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