Where to meet trannies in Eugene

Eugene is a city that thrives on inclusivity and that can be seen through its huge trans community.

It’s hard to pinpoint a single “best place” to meet trans here because the city in its entirety is quite welcoming.

From organizations to bars, and online communities – there are numerous ways to connect with trans folks.

Below you can find a list of TS friendly venues and also I’ll talk about the city atmosphere forward transgenders.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Eugene

1. Trans Dating Sites

Trans women online in Eugene

Depending on whether you want a serious relationship or something casual, there are a few trans dating sites that work in Eugene.

One of them is TSmatch, a platform that is often used for T4M dating.

Which in other words means that it’s great for transgender folks looking for male connections and vice versa.

Another site is Taimi which isn’t just trans-focused but more of an LGBTQ dating app.

But of course, there are a lot of trans profiles on the site not just in Eugene but all across Oregon.

2. Online Groups and Forums

If you’re new to the city and too shy to hit the clubs then the easiest way to start is by joining online groups and forums.

My favorite is the Queer Eugene Subreddit where you’ll often find info about upcoming trans and queer-friendly events.

You can also create your own post and introduce yourself. Talk about what you’re looking for and I’m fairly certain that you’ll get at least a handful of responses.

And if you prefer social media, then there are also many Facebook groups like LGBTQ Families of Eugene which have many TGs.

Aside from that, I really like this Trans & Queer Housing group. It’s a great resource to find shelter and trans roommates.

Lastly, Queer Exchange is another Facebook community that you can join.

Think of this as a “queer classified” space, where you can buy, sell, and seek recommendations for healthcare services. Some people also post about upcoming LGBT events here as well.

3. LGBT-Friendly Fitness Centers

Eugene has a couple of inclusive fitness centers like the Elevation Bouldering Gym. While the place isn’t trans exclusive, the management is serious about inclusivity.

They have both gendered and non-gendered changing rooms and bathrooms. This really attracts a diverse clientele, including trans individuals.

Another place is Eugene YMCA which is a non-profit strengthening community. They also sport a queer-friendly front and the management does its best to make everyone feel welcomed.

But sadly, I cannot say the same for its patrons. It is visited by plenty of old people, which obviously isn’t the problem.

The issue is, it feels like most of them (especially the old men) were glaring into my soul each time I visited the place.

4. LGBT Organizations

There are quite a few organizations in Eugene that target trans individuals. But the most popular is Transponder.

It’s a transgender founded and led NGO that provides a safe space for trans individuals and our allies.

They host support meetings, special events and offer other trans-inclusive resources.

Transponder also has a very active Facebook page. You can frequently find updates there about their meet and greets along with other events.

5. Bars and Clubs

Unlike bigger cities, which usually have a single “gayborhood,” Eugene’s LGBTQ community is scattered throughout the city.

You won’t find any dedicated LGBTQ bars or clubs other than Spectrum Queer Bar which is also a focal point for TGs in Eugene.

They host drag brunches in which their talented drag queens ensure that there’s never a dull moment for the audience.

You can see a demo of the level of drag performances at Spectrum in this video…

And beyond Spectrum Queer Bar, you can also meet trans folks at other venues.

However, they will be among a mix of cisgender people, so it may take a bit more effort to find them.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Eugene

Eugene comes close to rivaling Portland as one of the best cities for trans individuals in Oregon.

I’ve stayed here for over a year before my transition. At max, I’d sometimes encounter people who’d stare at me, but this was also relatively infrequent.

I never felt like I had to fit in because the majority of the residents I met were welcoming, and it was easy to make friends.

But I’ve also seen some complaints of trans-related hate crimes as reported by this Reddit user.

Thankfully, the authorities take these kinds of things very seriously and these incidents don’t happen too often.

Opposed to that, I also found this comment, where another user shares a positive experience like mine and talks about how inclusive the city is.

But yeah, I’ll agree with them that housing is crazy expensive here. And if you combine that with healthcare costs then it can really break the bank.

So my advice to all trans folks is to find a good job, or at least have a solid source of income before moving here. 

Common Questions

When is the Eugene Pride Parade hosted?

Eugene Pride Parade is hosted each year in the second week of August at Alton Baker Park. It’s usually attended by over 5,000 people.

So if you’re in the city during that time then it’s the best way to connect with trans folks.

How many trans bars are there in Eugene?

Unfortunately, Eugene doesn’t have any exclusive trans bars. Spectrum Bar is the only dedicated LGBTQ venue in the city.

And while, trans folks are also welcomed at other places, whether you’ll meet them or not depends on your luck.

What is the best way to meet trans people in Eugene?

The best way to meet TGs in Eugene is by joining various online groups and communities.

You can start with trans focused Facebook groups like LGBTQ Families of Eugene or simply hop on to the Queer Eugene Subreddit.

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