Best places to meet trans in Austin

Austin’s buzzing with a big trans community, and there are tons of ways to meet up.

But the real gem here? The nightlife. This city’s brimming with cool LGBT+ spots.

Yet, I’ll cover other great ways to connect like community centers and online groups.

So get ready as we go over the best ways to meet trans people in Austin.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Austin

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Austin

The most prominent LGBT+ friendly strip in Austin is the 4th Street in Downtown, often referred to as the Warehouse District.

But there are also many trans-friendly spots on the east side near Manor Road.

Let’s go over some of your options:

Cheer Up Charlies – Located at 900 Red River St, this bar specifically targets the T and Q in LGBTQ.

You will find a heavy presence of trans people here on most nights.  If you’re in Austin only for a day, then this is the place to be.

Rain Bar – Located at 217 W 4th St, predominantly a gay bar but it always has a diverse crowd.

You’ll find a lot of TGs spicing up the dance floor, especially on the weekends.

Highland Lounge – Located at 404 Colorado St, stopped by with some friends for a drag show, and had a blast!

The back outdoor area was also a nice touch, although drinks were a bit pricier compared to other nearby LGBT spots.

The Iron Bear – Located at 301 W 6th St, another gay bar but very inclusive. Sunday nights are packed and you’ll always meet a few trans folks.

Butterfly Bar – Located at 2307 Manor Rd, this bar is known for its monthly trans + genderqueer social meetups. It’s normally held on the second Sunday of every month after 6 pm so don’t miss it!

Coconut Club – Located at 310B Colorado St, a cool rooftop bar that hosts great drag shows.

They have a unisex bathroom which is a nice touch.

Olican Harry’s – Located at 211 W 4th St, this bar is a real gem, especially during their drag shows, which attract a lively trans crowd.

And I’m not surprised because the queens sure know how to put up a show.

Here’s a video that shows a glimpse of the type of performance you can expect…

2. Community Centers and Organizations

If you’re looking for a trans-friendly community center then Austin has the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

But as far as I know, they don’t have trans support groups. Their meetups revolve more around the business side, but it’s still a good opportunity to network.

Then there’s Austin Pride, they not only host the Pride Festival but also other events like drag bingo nights.

And you should also check out PFLAG, they have both in-person and online support groups at different locations in the city.

If you’re young then you can also visit the LGBTQ+ student group of UT Austin – and meet trans people on campus.

3. Online Groups and Pages

Austin has many online Facebook communities to network with trans people.

Speaking strictly from a social standpoint, TransATX takes the crown.

Members actively share information about meetups and safe spaces for trans individuals scattered across the city.

Another group is TGQ Social, renowned for hosting meetups specifically tailored for queer and trans individuals, like the one I mentioned earlier at Butterfly Bar.

Many other groups like Queer Connection provide opportunities to make trans friends as well.

4. Trans Dating Sites

Shemales online in Austin

Online dating is all the rage in Austin and luckily, you can find trans folks on almost any dating platform, but my favorite is OkCupid.

It’s been a judgment-free zone, and I’ve connected with people who not only embraced my trans identity but also found me attractive.

It’s not just about romantic connections either.

I’ve built a circle of trans friends through the app, so I’d call it the top trans dating site in the city.

But if you’re into something more casual, like a friends-with-benefits situation then Grindr is worth checking out.

Yeah, it started as a gay app, but guess what? More trans folks jumped on the bandwagon.

It’s still the hookup hub, so if that’s your jam, you can’t go wrong with it.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Austin

I won’t claim it’s a trouble-free guarantee, but the overall culture in Austin is understanding and kind, at least in my experience.

The trans community here is large and supportive. You don’t typically face heckling or strange looks, as people tend to be more respectful.

I’ve personally never faced any awkwardness regarding bathrooms either.

Although I acknowledge my passing privilege, which might not be the case for everyone.

However, it’s still Texas, and despite Austin’s reputation as a progressive haven, you might come across some transphobic jerks now and then.

But overall, ATX is a decent city for trans people – especially its nightlife which even attracts LGBT+ folks from San Antonio during the weekends.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Austin

There’s no denying that Austin is buzzing with ways to meet trans individuals.

And whether you’re scrolling through an app or stepping out in the city, you’re bound to make connections.

Choose what suits you – online, offline, it doesn’t matter. Chances are, you’ll run into some awesome trans folks in no time.

So that’s all from me, I hope you enjoy meeting trans men and women in Austin!

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