Best Places to Meet Trans in Los Angeles

LA’s got a massive trans community and cool places to hang out everywhere.

When I first got here, the sheer number of options felt kind of overwhelming.

But after some trial and error, I’ve finally figured out where trans people normally like to hang out.

So if you want to save yourself the effort then you’re at the right place.

I’ve put together a list of the best ways to meet trans individuals in Los Angeles.

And I’m not just talking about popular nightspots, but also community centers, online dating sites, and other fun places that we’ll explore.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a big city and you’ll find many areas with a heavy LGBT+ presence.

West Hollywood is always a good starting point and Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) isn’t bad either.

Also don’t discount Long Beach, it has a large strip of inclusive bars and clubs.

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Los Angeles

Between Tinseltown, DTLA, and  Long Beach, you’ve got so many nightspots that you won’t know where to start!

I can’t cover every single one, but I’ll clue you in on the best places where you’re most likely to bump into trans folks.

And for the sake of keeping things simple, I’ll split this list based on the areas.

West Hollywood

Hamburger Mary’s – Located at 8288 Santa Monica Blvd, a popular restaurant chain known for hosting some of the best drag shows in the U.S.

You will always find an inclusive crowd with cis, queer and trans people all under one roof.

The Abbey Food & Bar – Located at 692 N Robertson Blvd, This place brings in some of LA’s best talent—DJs, dancers, you name it.

And honestly, I also met some of the hottest trans people in the city here. It’s a must-visit.

Club Tempo – Located at 5520 Santa Monica Blvd, this is a Latinx LGBTQ club where they have hot hot gogo dancers and talented drag queens.

Just a heads up that they only take cash, but there’s an ATM on every floor.

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

Redline Food & Bar – Located at 131 E 6th St, awesome spot to kick back and relax. With drinks priced just right, enjoy some good drag shows while chilling with a queer crowd.

Precinct Bar – Located at 357 S Broadway, fun bar but its Tuesday’s Trivia nights and Fridays with Queen Kong, and are absolute favorites and usually have a larger presence of trans people.   

Long Beach

The Crest – Located at 5935 Cherry Ave, even if you show up alone, you’ll find it easy to chat with someone here.

The place also hosts some cool events like Trivia Night and Drag Race Viewings. Oh, and I spotted quite a few trans-masculine folks in the crowd.

Executive Suite – Located at 3428 Pacific Coast Hwy, dropped by for the Saturday night drag show and had a total blast! A great mix of LGBTQ crowd came in the whole night.

And the electrifying drag performances are the cherry on top. As you can see in the video, Nomi B. killed it!

Other Areas

Akbar Bar – Located at 4356 Sunset Blvd, this is like a second home for trans and queer folks, especially on the weekends when it’s jam-packed.

You can chill at the bar for a chat or head down the hall to dance your heart out.

Plaza Nightclub – Located at 739 N La Brea Ave, Located at 10937 Burbank Blvd, the staff and performers here create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

It’s a wholesome place for the trans-Latinx community to dance the night away.

Club Cobra – Located at 10937 Burbank Blvd, this place particularly targets TGs and crossdressers but everyone is welcome. They even host fun-themed nights like transgender Wednesdays.

2. Community Centers and Organizations

Los Angeles has several organizations that provide mental and social support to the trans community.

I’ll start with the Los Angeles LGBT Center, their main campus is in Hollywood but they have several locations across the city in areas like South LA, WeHo, Boyle Heights, and Koreatown.

They host support groups and programs such as Trans* Lounge, a social gathering for trans, GNC, non-binary, and intersex folks.

I’ve been there myself, and it’s hands-down one of the easiest ways to meet other people in the TG community.

Plus, they’ve got over 20 meetings every month, both online and in person, so you can drop by whenever it works for you.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Shemales online in Los Angeles

LA’s great for meeting trans folks face-to-face, but I get that some of you may prefer online dating.

Fair warning though – lots of these dating apps, Tinder especially, are swamped with bots and scammers.

It’s so bad that I actually considered going to their WeHo office to give them a piece of my mind!

OkCupid is the only place where I had some luck and met both trans and cis people.

But just know that it also had a lot of blank profiles, which is a major red flag.

Then there’s Hinge. It’s full of good-looking people, but man, they can be flaky. The upside? Most folks on Hinge seem to be after something serious.

For those interested in casual connections, Grindr is worth a shot.

Yes, it’s known as a gay dating app, but you’ll find a mix of cis and trans people open to friends-with-benefits arrangements if that’s your thing!

4. Online Groups and Pages

There are a bunch of Facebook groups that you can join to connect with TGs in L.A.

I’ll start with TransKind, a community for trans, nb, genderqueer, etc. Its members share info about trans-positive events and with over 1,200 members, the group is fairly active.

Another one is Transgender Los Angeles which serves a similar purpose but it doesn’t have as many members.

And if you’re looking for a more diverse community then check out Queer Exchange.

It’s like Craigslist for the LGBT+ community and can be used to connect with transsexuals. 

5. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Everybody Trans Friendly Gym Los Angeles

If you’re looking for more inclusive spaces then check out Everybody Fitness. It’s a trans-friendly gym in L.A, located at the San Fernando Road.

The gym is exclusively made for the LGBTQ+ community but they welcome allies.

Another place worth mentioning is Liberation Coffee House on Santa Monica Boulevard.

They donate all their net proceeds to the LGBT Center so you’ll often meet queer folks there!

And if you’re looking for a change of pace from WeHo, then you can go anywhere in the east side of Hollywood like Highland Park or Silver Lake.

These areas have many inclusive restaurants, shops, and other LGBTQ+ friendly places.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Los Angeles

As a trans woman, I can say that LA is becoming a safer place for us year by year.

There’s a growing wave of activism, and more businesses are stepping up with worker protections and hiring trans people.

And it’s not just in the city – places around LA like San Bernardino, Riverside, and Pasadena are joining the party too.

Also by now, it’s probably clear that there are so many inclusive places in the city that you’ll meet queer people pretty much everywhere you go.

So it’s safe to say that L.A lives up to its reputation. Whether you’re coming here to build a career, or to connect with the community, you won’t be disappointed.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Los Angeles

With so many ways to meet trans folks here, it comes down to personal preference. You can’t go wrong with any choice here.

Personally, I suggest hitting up local spots rather than sticking to dating sites, which can be a bit iffy.

Even if bars aren’t your thing, community centers are great for connecting with the LGBTQ+ folks.

But hey, the final call is yours. Whether it’s a night out or an online encounter, do what feels right for you.

So that’s a wrap from my side – I hope this guide helps you find some amazing trans people in Los Angeles!

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