Best places to meet tranny in Savannah

Finding trans people in Savannah might be a bit challenging. It’s not that the locals are transphobic – far from it.

The challenge lies in the fact that Savannah doesn’t have many LGBT-specific places.

However, there are still certain spots where you’re more likely to meet trans men and women, and that’s exactly what this guide is about.

We’ll explore everything from popular night spots and community centers to the city’s online dating scene.

Keep reading to discover the best ways to connect with Savannah’s trans community.

 List of TG Friendly Venues in Savannah

1. Bars and Clubs

Trans friendly bars and clubs in Savannah

While there might not be many LGBTQ bars here, the city has plenty of trans people.

You can usually find them in the Historic District, especially around SCAD, which is teeming with inclusive spaces.

But there are also some great trans-friendly bars and clubs in other areas. Here are your options.

Club One – Located at 1 Jefferson St, this is perhaps the only LGBT-focused bar remaining in Savannah.

They always have a friendly crowd including a few trans folks and very talented drag queens performing almost every night!

Totally Awesome Bar – Located at 107B Whitaker St, a great place to meet young and open-minded people. It’s common to see a few trans people among the crowd too.

But most patrons usually come in groups so I’d suggest finding someone to tag along with to avoid looking awkward.

Little Lucky’s Pub – Located at 6 Gateway Blvd E, a great spot that’s slowly becoming a queer hotspot, but there are also a lot of cis folks.

They have karaoke nights on Saturdays and the place gets packed fast. 

Social Club – Located at Congress St, stands out as one of the town’s most popular bars.

Drawing a diverse crowd, it’s a place where you can find queer, trans, and cis individuals all enjoying live music and chatting over fantastic drinks.

2. Community Centers and Organizations

One of the easiest ways to connect with the trans community is by visiting Savannah’s First City Pride Center, located at Bull Street.

They always have fun events coming up like block and pool parties, and open mic nights.

You can even drop by on regular days and likely meet trans people. The only downside is that the center only opens on weekdays.

This center is the most reliable resource for the trans community in the city, But it likely has everything you need so you won’t have to look elsewhere.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Shemales online in Savannah

I have my reservations about online dating in Savannah. It’s the kind of city where you must go out if you want to meet trans people.

And yes, I know, there aren’t too many LGBT-exclusive spaces either, so that makes things even harder.

But if you still prefer meeting trans people online then like always, I would recommend trying OkCupid.

The platform offers extensive search features that allow you to filter trans profiles and it’s used for both dating and finding trans friends.

If casual encounters are more your speed, Grindr could be a better fit as it has a lot of trans women looking for hookups. 

4. Online Groups and Pages

If you prefer connecting through social media then there are also trans-friendly groups like Transcendents SAV that you can join.

It’s a Facebook community that welcomes anyone under the trans umbrella and allies.

They host support meetings on the fourth Sunday of every month at the Unity Church of Savannah.

Another group is LGBTQ Savannah GA, they welcome everyone as well but are more queer-focused.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Savannah

Savannah offers a welcoming environment for trans individuals. Particularly in Downtown, the city is known for its LGBT-friendly atmosphere.

A significant part of this inclusivity is due to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), which greatly influences the city’s culture.

Young people, especially students or those connected to SCAD, often find it easy to build a vibrant social life and make numerous trans friends.

The experience might differ for older trans individuals, particularly those above 35.

There aren’t many places exclusive to the LGBT community but the First City Pride Center does help with networking.

However, coming from a larger city like Atlanta, you may find the pace to be a bit slower in Savannah.

You can say, it shares many similarities with Athens, especially for transgender people.

But one thing I absolutely love about this city is the Pride Festival. And as you’ll see in this video, the community sure knows how to throw a party…

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Savannah

Finding trans folks in Savannah might take some time, but stay optimistic.

Try different things—like if you can’t find them at nightpots, give the Pride Center a shot.

Even if online dating isn’t buzzing, it’s worth a shot. Just don’t limit your options.

So that’s a wrap from my side. I hope you connect with the trans community soon! 

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