Best places to meet trans women in Madrid

Madrid’s got a big trans community and probably the liveliest LGBT scene in Spain.

With tons of places to check out, like its own gay neighborhood, you’re pretty much guaranteed to run into trans folks here.

It’s all about knowing your way around, and that’s where I come in.

Today, I’ll share some proven ways to meet trans individuals in Madrid.

But before we jump into it, let me give you a quick rundown of how I’ve gathered the info for this guide.

Methodology for Finding Trans Friendly Spaces in Madrid

At WorldTransGuides, we’re proud of our thorough process for uncovering the best trans-friendly spaces in Madrid City.

Here’s a peek into how we gather our data:

  • Starting Online: We kick off by scouring the internet to identify places that are known for being trans-friendly. This initial search helps us compile a list of spots to explore further.

  • Checking with Locals: Next, we enlist the help of our trans friends in Madrid City. They visit these places to assess first-hand how welcoming they are. By engaging with the locals and gauging their experiences, we ensure our recommendations are based on real encounters.

  • Reviewing Online Discourse: We also delve into online forums like Reddit and Quora to see what people are saying. This provides us with diverse perspectives and insights into how trans individuals and their allies perceive these venues.|

  • Identifying LGBT Hotspots: Our quest isn’t solely focused on trans-specific locations; we’re also on the lookout for venues popular among the broader LGBT community. We meticulously study online reviews to understand the atmosphere and clientele.

  • Continuous Updates: Our guide isn’t just a one-and-done piece of crap; we keep it fresh and relevant. We regularly verify if establishments are still operational and add new discoveries to our repertoire.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Madrid

Madrid’s LGBT+ community is huge thanks to a population of over 3.2 million residents.

Plus, the city hosts one of the world’s largest pride festivals, drawing over 2.3 million attendees in 2017. That’s like 60% of the city’s population!

While not all are locals, it gives you an idea of how big the event is.

With such a bustling scene, it’s no wonder there are plenty of trans-friendly spots throughout Madrid, which I’ll cover next.

1. Bars and Clubs

Madrid has an amazing LGBT+ nightlife centered in Chueca, the city’s gay neighborhood.

You’ll find plenty of cafes, tapas bars, and clubs here but be aware that most clubs there fall into the following categories:

Type 1) These clubs are for straight folks who want to experience the LGBTQ+ scene.

Type 2) Then there are clubs for everyone whether gay, bi, trans, or straight—everyone’s there to have fun.

Type 3) Lastly, there are more specialized clubs that cater to specific groups. For example, some are only for men or women.

Most clubs on the main roads are types 1 and 2, but as you explore the smaller streets, you’ll find more type 3 clubs.

Anyway, let’s go over some clubs where you’re more likely to encounter transgender people.

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Madrid

LL Bar at C. de Pelayo, 11

As a solo trans traveler who can’t really speak Spanish, this place was the highlight of my trip.

The drag queens were awesome and kept me accompanied. The bartenders were incredibly friendly as well.

The cover fee is €9 for entry but that includes one spirit drink or two beers which is definitely worth the price!

Reviews of Other People about LL Bar

Christopher Lucki on Google Maps:

“The LL bar is a lively place with entertaining shows. The Drag Queen’s usually do a multicultural selection of music in various languages. The facility itself can be a little tight but most places are smaller than in Canada or the USA. LL bar is definitely my favorite bar to start the night off when in Madrid”

Black & White at C. de la Libertad

Visit this club on a Saturday and you’ll not only meet some beautiful drag performers but also plenty of trans people.

But just a heads up that you need to pay €15 at the entrance, which includes a drink.

Reviews of Other People about Black & White

Maria Del Pilar on Google Maps:

“A great place to enjoy a Drag Queen show where they interpret their performances always with love and education, the 2 attentive and polite security guys and the super nice waiters, we will definitely be back.”

Organic Madrid Club at C. de Pelayo, 30

I went here for a drink but ended up staying the whole night! Even though it’s a gay bar, it isn’t unusual to meet trans folks here.

Not to mention, the waiter Luis is an absolute sweetheart. He’s super attentive especially towards trans people and made sure that I feel comfortable.

Reviews of Other People about Organic Madrid Club

Giuseppe Cuomo on Google Maps:

“One of the classic Chueca bars! Álvaro and Edoardo are phenomenal, they are nice and very fun! I will be back for sure!!!! LGBTQ+ zone.”

Prima’s at C. de la Libertad

A cozy spot with incredibly attentive staff and management. They play great music, and the drinks are reasonably priced.

I highly recommend going when there’s an Anomaly Montes show. They host it regularly, and you’re guaranteed a good laugh with their spontaneity.

Reviews of Other People about Prima’s

Antonio Vargas on Google Maps:

“Without a doubt the best place! Everyone is welcome, a lot of diversity and you can breathe the good vibes. If you haven’t gone yet, you’re already taking time to have a great time, and they’re also super friendly!!”

Vuélvete Loca at C/ de Hortaleza

I have mixed feelings about this place. It has gained a lot of bad rep due to some of its disrespectful waiters.

But on the bright side, there were many trans women and as you can see in the video, the drag performers know how to put on a show…

Reviews of Other People about Vuélvete Loca

Maria Abad on Google Maps:

“A ten for a fun night, partying and partying, always good vibes. I had a problem with the coat and the owner of the store got involved and helped me solve it. I have gone several times with different people and we have always had a good night.”

2. Community Centers and Organizations

I get that meeting trans people at clubs can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t speak Spanish.

What you can do instead is visit Centro LGBT Madrid. They organize talks, workshops and events for the community where you can meet TGs.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Madrid’s LGBT Film Festival called LesGaiCineMad.

With over 14,000 spectators, many of whom are trans, this festival provides another opportunity to engage with the community.

3. Online Groups and Pages

Surprisingly, I was unable to find a social media community for Madrid’s trans community.

I did come across a few LGBT+ groups but they looked spammy so aren’t worth mentioning.

Luckily, there are some interesting communities on Meetup LGBT+ and Friends Madrid.

They seem pretty active and also host frequent events so be sure to check it out.

Another one is Madrid LGBT Hiking & Travel, it’s a nice community for people into outdoor activities.

It has over 4,500 members so you’re likely to bump into trans people in one of those hikes.

4. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Mary Read Trans Friendly Bookclub Madrid

One of my favorite places to connect with transgender folks is Mary Read.

It’s an LGBT bookstore where they organize talks, workshops, signings and more for the community.

You’re guaranteed to meet some cool people there, and will likely bump into TGs.

And if you’re into fitness then Opera Gym is trans friendly with many queer members.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Madrid

What It's Like to Be Trans in Madrid

Madrid has a big LGBTQ+ community and is generally open-minded and respectful.

In the Chueca neighborhood, known as the city’s LGBTQ+ hub, you’ll see many transgender people living their lives openly.

But recent changes in the law have caused some concern.

The new reform removes certain protections for transgender people, like penalties for assaults based on gender identity.

This has upset many people and sparked debates. Despite these challenges, Spain’s national government is thankfully progressive.

And overall, Madrid’s LGBTQ+ scene remains welcoming.

But these discussions highlight the ongoing need to protect the rights of transgender individuals in the city.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Madrid

Madrid is a great place to meet trans people. Even if you can’t make it to the Pride parade, don’t worry!

There are lots of ways to connect with trans folks, both online and offline.

If you’re not sure where to start, just head down to Chueca, the city’s gay neighborhood.

You’re almost guaranteed to run into trans individuals there. So, that’s it from me. I hope you have a blast meeting trans people in Madrid!

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