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If you are looking for the best spots to meet trangenders and transexuals in New York, this guide will orient you in the right direction. We’ll cover Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and The Bronx.

Besides the ts bars and gay clubs, you can connect with trans women on social networks, classified, dating apps and hookup sites. It depends on whether you’re looking for an intimate relationship or casual sex, and your preferences.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of trans women and men are hiding online because it’s hard for them out there.

Picking up trans in clubs and bars in Manhattan is very expensive, but there you can find hot models at times. For those on a budget, other areas are more affordable.

Dating and hooking up online is always cheaper, but still, you need to take her/him out for a drink or meal to get to know each other face to face.

We’ll cover the single nightlife first with all the best spots to meet transgenders. Then have a look at the TS dating scene online, and at the end, we’ll list some places where to take your date.

Chat With Trans Online

New York trans woman online

Most trans men and women have a hard time socializing in social venues like bars and clubs. Even though the LGBTQ+ movement has created awareness about these genders, they still face discrimination.

This is the reason why it’s much easier to meet tranny on dating apps and hook up sites instead of going out trying to pick them up. Not only do you save money but it’s much faster as you can message many tranny in your area in minutes.

There are all sorts of sites and apps out to meet new people. But when it comes to meeting trans people, you want to sign up with trans-friendly sites so you can easily connect with them.

In some cities, you might not find too many tranny on trans dating/hookup sites, but in New York, you’ll be spoiled by the opportunities. Some are looking for dating while others prefer to hook up.

Pick the right trans-friendly site for your needs, and it won’t take long before you land a date or hook up.

Nightclubs And TS Bars

There is some TS bar in New York where you can hook up with tranny. But also you can visit clubs and bars that host drag shows to meet a queen.

One thing that we want to point out is that a dynamic city like New York has hotspots change quickly. We’ll try our best to keep the current trans nightlife information updated.

Let’s start with:

Susi Villa TS Bar at 48th Street

In this bar, you’ll get hit all the time by trannies. They are quite pushy so I don’t recommend it if you’re a sensitive guy. We’ve found the girls a bit rude and obnoxious.

Ritz Bar and Lounge at 369 W 46th St

This venue has a lounge but also two floors for dancing. During the week is empty unless there is a theme party but on the weekends is packed. The only negative is the security who is transphobic.

PlayHouse at 100A 7th Ave Street

This is the most famous place in New York for drag shows. At the end of the show, you can take photos with the performers, and this is the best time to ask for their phone numbers.

Club Cumming at 505 E 6th St

This nightclub hosts a variety of events, including cabaret shows and dance parties. They attract a diverse crowd, including trans individuals.

The Stonewall Inn at 53 Christopher St

This cozy gay bar in Greenwich Village is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. It is known for being welcoming to the trans community and regularly has drag shows with a large crowd of sex-positive people.

Pieces Bar at 8 Christopher Street

This popular gay bar in Greenwich Village has drag shows and karaoke night on Tuesdays It’s a fun spot to meet trans women and enjoy some entertainment. On Sunday there is Bingo night, don’t miss it!

Henrietta Hudson at 438 Hudson St

This is a lesbian bar with a queer vibe. You’ll find also several trans women eager to hook up.

Metropolitan at 559 Lorimer St

Located in Brooklyn this bar is cozy. On Monday there are drag shows with local talent that offer an excellent opportunity to network with trans women.

The pros are affordable drinks and a great dance floor.

House of Yes at 2 Wyckoff Ave

They have some of the best cabaret shows in New York City. Did you ever see a drag performer climb a wall? Here you’ll. This place is a nightclub that hosts several theme nights which are extremely artistic.

LGBTQ+ Events

The city of New York has several LGBTQ+ events where you’ll find plenty of transexuals and transgenders. This is a list of the major recurring LGBTQ+ events throughout the year:

NYC Pride Parade and Festival

This event is held in June and takes place in Manhattan. It spans several days and includes a variety of activities such as performances, workshops, and parties.

Don’t miss out on the parade which takes place on the last Sunday of June. There are thousands of people from all walks of life who come together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. The amount of beautiful trans women attending is incredible.

Bring some food and booze, be friendly and it won’t take long before you get the attention of a shemale.

Queens Pride Parade and Festival

This parade and festival is held sometime in June. Every year has a different date.

Not the nicest or safest part of the city, but the area where the parade takes place is ok. Here you’ll have the opportunity to meet many black tranny if that is your thing.

I found the festival after the parade to be the best time to meet people. Everybody is chilled and eager to talk to everyone.

And don’t miss out on the after-party if you’re looking for hookups as everybody is drunk and horny.

Brooklyn Pride Parade and Festival

This event starts on 11 June which is also the main celebration day. Like the above pride parades, some after-parties are great to find casual sex with trans women.

Gay-Friendly Gyms

tranny in Manhattan gym 1

If you would like to mingle with fit trans women and men, there is no better place than the gym.

Obviously, you don’t want to visit any regular gym because in those places there are many bodybuilders who are transphobic. You want to visit only gyms that are gay-friendly so they obviously welcome also trans people.

In New York, these are the best gyms to meet up trans:

Mark Fisher Fitness in Manhattan

It offers an inclusive atmosphere for everybody and it is a fun place to work out. Many trans living in Manhattan goes here to work out or join fitness classes.

Brooklyn Boulders in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Boulders is queer friendly and inclusive. There is a rock climbing wall as well as weights and cardio machines.

Crunch in Chelsea

This place is owned and run by gays. Trans women love to work out here because they are basically invisible to men so they don’t get bothered.

Synergy in Bradway, Queen

I found out thanks to this post that there are quite a few trans/non-binary people who work out in Synergy. Probably the reason is everyone minds their own business.

Shemales on Classified

Classified is an old way to hook up with shemales. Usually, most of them offer escort and sex services. But there is the possibility to find a diamond in the rough occasionally.

You have Locanto which is mostly escorts visiting New York for a while, and Tstvpersonal which is more focused on the dating side of things.

Using classified isn’t on top of our list because you never know who you’re talking to. There are too many scammers and escorts on classified. We prefer using dating and hook up sites because the users get verified and you can figure out if the pictures are fake.

Trans Support Groups

Trans support groups help tranny who has a hard time with gender issues. Here you’ll mostly find young and fragile tranny looking for support.

In our experience, we have noticed that there are primarily trans men and few trans women. So depending on your interest, they might work out for you or not.

You’ve got the Gay Center that offers a healthy environment for transgender and gender nonconforming. Here you’ll meet many transgenders and transexuals from all walks of life.

Then you’ve got the Trans Support Group that does not only help trans mentally but they help with employment. So here you’ll meet many youngsters looking to start a career.

Local Pride Centers

trans people in front local pride center in New York

There are several pride centers in New York where you can meet trans women and men. I would suggest visiting the one closest to your area as every center offers similar services and experiences.

Let’s start with:

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in Manhattan

This center is an old and well-known establishment in New York. This place is welcoming and you’ll feel like to be at home with the difference that people accept you for who you’re.

Besides meeting great people, you can get career counseling, join the many activities organized by the center and have great experiences.

The Pride Center of WNY in Buffalo

There are a lot of youth events and activities here that are engaging and entertaining. Most trans people here are in their 20s and black.

LGBT Network The Hauppauge Center in Hauppauge

In this center, you’ll meet trans of all ages and walks of life. The computer lounge/library is a great place to study and also to meet people.

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