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Portland is a city where many young LGBTQ+ people flee from more oppressive states.

And specifically speaking, it’s one of the safest places for trans individuals in the U.S. For this reason, it is easy to meet trans people if you know where to hang out.

In this guide, I’ve listed venues, organizations, and online communities to network with trans folks so you don’t waste time in trial and error.

But before we explore those, let’s find out what makes Portland such a great place for TGs.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Portland

It’s quite easy to meet trans folks here because they feel safe and do not have to hide their gender identity.

There are multiple micro-communities so if you can’t blend into one, then you can always jump into another.

So let’s go over some of the best ways to network with TGs in this city.

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny Friendly bars and Clubs in Portland

The majority of the places in PDX welcome trans people so you won’t find too many trans-exclusive venues.

That’s especially the case if you’re wandering around the main metro area. Though things do get a bit dicey the further you go away from it.

But of course, there are still a couple of spots that are more popular among transsexuals than others.

The Big Legrowlski – This is a live music bar and its staff mainly consists of queer and non-binary folks. So naturally, it also attracts trans folks who are looking for an inclusive environment.

The Coffin Club – A horror-themed bar that’s also a hotspot among TGs. That’s because the management is quick to address any sort of harassment or disrespectful behavior.

CC Slaughters – This is primarily a gay club but it welcomes everyone, and you’ll especially find a lot of queer girls and trans men.

Darcelle XV – A vibrant nightclub renowned for its outstanding drag shows, attracting groups of trans individuals in Portland.

The venue pays homage to Darcelle XV, the late, iconic drag queen known as the oldest performer in the community.

Experience the passion and talent of other drag queens in this video capturing an event held shortly after Darcelle XV’s passing.

2. LGBT Housing

There’s no denying, Portland is a great place for transsexuals, but the problem is that the living costs in the city are quite high.

The solution they have come up with is to create this Portland Queer Housing Facebook group.

Its purpose is to help people of the LGBTQ+ community find roommates and affordable living spaces.

You can join the group and create a post that you’re looking for trans people to live with, or scroll through the existing posts.

And let’s face it, there’s no better way to network with the trans community than to actually live with them.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Trans Dating Sites Portland

Knowing how large the trans community of PDX is, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the online dating scene is pretty big.

You can find trans men and women on the most popular dating sites like Tinder and Hinge.

But the problem with these apps is that users don’t usually mention on their profiles that they’re trans.

Sometimes they might leave some clues in their bio, but you can never be too sure until you actually talk to them.

So if you do not want to play Sherlock, then what you can do is simply sign- up on Taimi.

It’s an LGBTQ+ dating app that’s widely popular among trans individuals. But just a heads up that it’s often used for casual relationships.

4. Community Centers

Q Center is the largest LGBT support group and community center in Portland.

They also have a support group by the name of Trans Fem where you’ll find a lot of trans women.

Physical meetings are held between 6 to 8 pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

And if visiting the venue is a hassle, then you can go through their meeting schedule to get more info about their virtual meetups.

5. Social Media Groups and Forums

If you prefer meeting trans online then another way is by joining one of the many LGBT-dedicated Facebook groups.

One of them is Queer Exchange which acts not only as a support group but also as a way for the community to connect and organize meetups.

Another group is Queer Gift ‘n Get, as the name suggests, it’s a community for LGBTQ people to request and give away things.

But it’s safe to say that you can find many trans men and women there to socialize with.

What it’s Like to be Transgender in Portland

Portland is basically a haven for trans people because they hardly face any transphobia in their daily lives.

The city has a high number of LGBT-friendly healthcare providers so that makes it an even better choice for pre-op trans individuals.

We’d go as far as to say that even 90% of the people you’ll meet are chill and very supportive.

But keep in mind that you’ll occasionally encounter some turds from the suburbs who might use offensive words like “tranny” and “shemale”. If things get out of hand you can always file a complaint to the police.

The district thankfully takes the protection of trans individuals (especially youth and people of color) quite seriously.

Overall, if you’re planning to move here, then you can’t really go wrong, but make sure to keep idealistic expectations.

The living costs in PDX are already high and as a trans man or woman, you’ll need to spend additional money on healthcare.

All these expenses combined can become difficult to bear if you don’t have a solid plan in mind.

Common Questions From The Portland Trans Community

Is it a good idea for trans people to move to Portland?

Moving to Portland can be a great choice for trans individuals due to its inclusive environment. However, housing costs and high expenses of living can be a drawback. One solution is finding shared rooms through the Portland Queer Housing Facebook group.

What is the best way to meet a trans woman in Portland?

The best way to meet trans women in PDX is by joining the Trans Fem support group at Q Center. It’s specifically targeted towards trans women but does not restrict other curious people.

What is the best area for trans in Portland?

Portland is generally a safe city for trans individuals. But some areas are, of course, still better than others.

So if you want to be as safe as possible then you can’t go wrong with the Eastside of Portland.

Otherwise, you can also go to the Beaverton area, which is in close proximity to Portland.

When is the Portland Pride Parade hosted?

The Portland Pride Parade is hosted every year at the Waterfront Park in July. It’s the largest donation-based LGBTQ+ event on the West Coast.

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