Best Places to Meet Trans in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a thriving trans community and there are plenty of places to meet transgender individuals.

But it isn’t uncommon to encounter some conservative people, especially if you visit the wrong places.

So this article will save you from the trouble and act as a road map to connect with trans folks in SLC.

Alongside this, we’ll also talk about the perception of the locals towards trans people and address some common questions.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Salt Lake City

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny Bars and Clubs in Salt Lake City 1

If you enjoy going out at night there are several clubs and bars where you can meet transgender people.

Here is a list of LGBT+ venues that I recommend to check out:

The Sun Trapp – This bar is like a second home for queer and trans people. It has a young and energetic vibe with everyone dancing and having fun.

Overall, a great mix of LGBTQ+ folks and straight individuals.

Club Verse – A popular trans and queer dance club that has it all. Awesome drinks, a great dance floor, and they even have cool events and shows.

But what really sets them apart is the staff and the love they show. That’s exactly the reason why TGs love visiting this place.

Why Kiki – An extremely safe and inclusive space for trans folks. The drag queens and kings here are just phenomenal. Everyone openly expresses their gender identity without being shunned.

M I L K + – Queer owned welcoming LGBTQ+ space that also has impressive drag performers.

Club Try-angles – You’ll mostly find gay men here throughout the week. But on the weekends, the crowd is more diverse with plenty of trans men and women visiting to watch amazing drag performances like this…

2. Community Centers

Salt Lake City has a nice community center by the name of Utah Pride Center.

They provide a secure environment for the LGBTQ+ community and organize events, support groups, and programs focused on trans folks.

Also, they organize the yearly pride parade…

Along with that, there’s also the Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce.

This organization is more business-focused, but they often host events where you can potentially meet TGs.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Trans Dating Sites in Salt Lake City 1

The online trans dating scene in Salt Lake City is quite active.

You’ll especially find a lot of trans users from suburbs of SLC and other cities in Utah on sites like OkCupid.

Since those places are more conservative, most TGs resort to online platforms for dating and making friends.

Similarly, for those looking for something easy-going, TSDates is also a great alternative. The site is popular for casual T4M relationships.

4. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Shemale Friendly Events in Salt Lake City 1

Other places where you can meet trans folks include LGBT+ spaces such as Sugar House Coffee.

It’s the most popular coffee shop in SLC. And it always has many older trans ladies chilling and socializing.

Then another great spot is Under the Umbrella Bookstore. It’s a queer bookstore that frequently hosts events in which you can meet trans individuals.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you can also check out Salt Lake Area Queer Climbers. They host regular climbing meetups where you can connect with TGs in a fun environment.

Lastly, it’s also worth looking up the Instagram page of Iowa House. They organize weekly dinners and get-togethers for the queer/trans community.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is pretty LGBT friendly, but I’m not too certain about the T.

Make no mistake, it has quite a lot of inclusive spaces, support groups, and whatnot. Meeting other TGs is not an issue.

The problem is, you can often see locals getting a bit “tense” the moment they find out someone is trans.

But of course, that’s not the case for everyone. And there’s no denying that SLC is light years ahead of other cities in Utah in terms of trans safety.

So while you might encounter transphobic people from time to time, thankfully, most of them don’t say anything about it.

Just make sure to avoid the suburban areas as most of them have a transphobic population. Mormonism is the dominant religion in these areas which is strictly against LGBT folks.

To give you some perspective, children of LGBT parents are only allowed to be members when they reach adulthood. Even then, they must disavow their parents.

Keep all of this in mind before moving into SLC anywhere other than the main city area.

Common Questions From The Trans Community

What areas should trans people avoid in Salt Lake City?

Trans people should avoid the suburbs of Salt Lake City as they have a strong presence of transphobic people. Even if you’re not physically threatened, they might use offensive words like “shemale” and “tranny” to trigger you.

Does Salt Lake City have trans friendly gyms?

Pretty much every gym in the center of Salt Lake City is trans friendly and you won’t have any issues. But in particular, Iron Allies Fitness is popular among trans people as it has an incredibly inclusive staff.

Trans Friendly Gym in Salt Lake City

Where can I meet trans women in Salt Lake City?

If you want to meet trans women in SLC, just visit any of the LGBT+ bars that also host drag shows. You’ll find many TGs at those spots, especially on the weekends.

When is the Salt Lake City Pride Parade hosted?

The Salt Lake City Pride Parade is hosted every year in June in the downtown area of the city. It’s one of the largest parades in the state of Utah.

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