Best places to meet trans people in Tampa

In recent years, Tampa has become a great place to meet transgender individuals.

It acts as a haven of inclusivity for the community and has a variety of spots for trans men and women.

The only real challenge is finding those places – and that’s where we’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll talk about the best places to meet trans in the Tampa Bay area. But also share about the lifestyle of TGs living here.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Tampa

1. Bars and Clubs

Trans friendly bars and clubs in Tampa

The Tampa Bay area is packed with bars and clubs to socialize with trans folks. 

And for the sake of keeping it simple, I’ll divide Tampa and St. Petersburg into two separate lists.

This should make it easier for you to find a place that’s closest to you and aligns with your preferences.

Trans Night Spots in Tampa

Players Club – This is a strip club, but what sets it apart is that it’s the only one in Florida that throws trans nights.

All the performers are absolutely stunning but Camille in particular sure knows how to treat the guests and put on a show!

City Side – This place is a hidden gem in Tampa. It’s an awesome bar with amazing drag shows.

The drinks are reasonably priced, and the staff is super friendly, especially towards trans folks.

Bradley’s on 7th – This bar mostly has a queer crowd and you can also meet some trans drag queens. This is what a usual night here looks like…

Trans Night Spots in St. Petersburg

The Garage on Central – Mainly a gay bar but you will find a lot of trans/queer folks here.

The only issue is that they allow smoking so it’s not the best place for people with tobacco sensitivities.

Cocktail St Pete – An LGBTQ+ bar that really stands out thanks to its wonderful staff that makes everyone feel at home.

Make sure to visit them during the pride week if you ever get the chance because they sure know how to throw a party!

Enigma – The best time to visit this place is during their drag shows on Fridays. That’s when you’ll also find the most TGs in the crowd. 

2. Community Centers and Organizations

The Tampa Bay area doesn’t have an official LGBTQ+ community center and surprisingly there aren’t many social organizations either.

The only one that operates in the city is Metro Wellness which acts more as a health center but they sometimes host trans support groups.

Equality Florida is another organization that occasionally hosts LGBT+ centered events in the Tampa Bay area.

But sadly, that’s pretty much all trans folks have here, or at least this is all that I’m aware of.

3. Dating Sites for Trans Individuals

Shemales online in Tampa

Another reliable way to meet trans people in Tampa is by signing up on TG friendly dating sites.

One standout choice is OkCupid. It allows users to search for members based on their preferred gender identity.

That makes it easy to filter out the trans profiles so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

But note that the majority of trans people on OkCupid are either trying to make new friends or looking for dates.

So those who are after hookups should instead hop on to TSDates since it’s one of the largest T4M casual dating sites.

4. Online Groups and Pages

Thankfully, you can at least find some decent groups for trans in the Tampa Bay area.

One of them is Tampa Bay Trans Community, it’s a small group of over 700 members that also welcomes non-binary folks and allies

Another option is the Metro Trans Community Support. It acts as a safe space for trans people to socialize and share info about meetups in St. Pete and Tampa.

Lastly, it’s also worth looking into the Facebook group of USF Trans+ Student Union. It’s a community that welcomes all trans and GNC folks.

They host weekly support groups, discussions and plan fun events like movie nights and more.

5. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Other Trans Friendly Places in Tampa

There are some really great LGBTQ friendly beaches near the Tampa Bay area near Treasure Island.

And while there’s no guarantee that you’d find T’s there you can still have a good time.

Also, if you love movies, check out Tampa’s TIGIFF, a fantastic queer film festival.

They show great films, have interesting talks, and host fun events. It can be a great place to socialize with transgender folks as well.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in the Tampa Bay Area

Tampa is a great place for the trans community, especially in comparison to other cities like Jacksonville and Destin.

However, I must say that I still have a personal preference for St. Pete. Downtown because it is much more exciting with some great nightlife options.

Tampa is larger and better for trans individuals seeking work opportunities as it’s the hub of many large companies.

The only complaint I have with these cities is that there aren’t many trans support groups and organizations.

But unlike most of Florida, at least you’re unlikely to face discrimination in the Tampa Bay area so that’s a positive.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in the Tampa Bay Area

You’re going to love the Tampa Bay area if you’re a fan of bar hopping and clubbing.

That’s also pretty much the only reliable way to meet trans people in person since there aren’t many support/social groups.

Spend your nights around Ybor City as it’s referred to as the “gayborhood” of the city.

And the equivalent of that in St. Petersburg is The Grand Central District since it’s known for its inclusivity and LGBTQ+ owned businesses.

Those who prefer a more laid-back approach can instead use dating sites to meet trans folks or join an online group.

This pretty much sums up all your options in the Tampa Bay area. So I hope you have a wonderful time connecting with trans folks in the city!

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