Trans and Crossdressers in St. Louis

St. Louise has a large community of trans individuals and you’ll find a ton of inclusive spaces.

It all depends on what you’re looking for and whether you want to date trans men or women or make friends.

But don’t worry, whether you’re also a trans person or a cis individual, you’ll find a suitable spot regardless of your preferences.

So stick along as we talk about the best places to meet transgender individuals in St. Louis.

List of TG Friendly Venues in St. Louis

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in St Louis

The Grove is the best LGBT+ neighbourhood in St. Louis with plenty of bars and clubs.

And while those places aren’t trans-focused, you will find some regulars showing up there every other night.

Let’s go over some of the venues that are popular among trans individuals.

Grey Fox – A welcoming queer space that also supports trans folks. They host drag bingo nights on Wednesdays which are definitely worth attending.

Bar:PM – Featuring many talented drag kings and queens, this bar is full of queer and trans folks almost every day of the week. The seating space is also huge with two bars inside.

Silver Ballroom – Aside from the pinball machines the super cheap beers also really draw an LGBT+ crowd. I’ve met many trans people here, especially chilling in the bar and smoking area.

Just Johns – Primarily a gay/lesbian bar but the inclusiveness and safe atmosphere also makes it a hotspot for trans individuals. Bonus points for the owners as they’re really the sweetest people you’ll meet.

Rehab Bar – Another place that has a lot of same-sex couples but it isn’t uncommon to meet TGs in the crowd, especially at the time of drag performances.

2. Support Groups

Metro Trans Umbrella Group St. Louis

There are some really great support groups for TGs in this city. I’ll start with the Metro Trans Umbrella Group.

It’s one of the largest trans-focused organizations in St. Louis. They host regular support and social groups along with events for the trans community.

They also have a Facebook page where they frequently post updates about upcoming plans. 

There’s also the Pride Center, they’re the organizers of the annual pride parade/festival. But aside from that, they also host LGBTQ+ events from time to time where you’re likely to meet trans people.

This small Facebook group called Queer Exchange is also a worthy mention. It has a lot of trans members and you can create a post to introduce yourself and interact with the community.

Lastly, in case you’re wondering, St. Louis also had an LGBT community center that unfortunately closed down due to financial reasons.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Trans Dating Sites in St. Louis

If you’re still struggling to connect with the trans community then hopping onto dating sites is another great way to expand your circle.

You’ll find many trans men and women on apps like OkCupid who are trying to make friends and find a partner.

Just don’t limit the radius too much as there are many trans users in cities close to St. Louis. That is of course, if you’re looking for something serious as well.

If you’re only interested in a casual relationship, then, of course, the closer and better.

But for that, TSDates is the better choice since it focuses more on trans people interested in casual relationships.

4. Other LGBT+ Spaces

St. Louis is really packed with LGBT friendly/owned spaces where you’re likely to find transgender individuals.

Though one of the more popular places is the MoKaBe’s Coffee House which bills itself as a queer café.

Another spot I really love is the STL Style House. It’s a clothing store with some amazing trans fashion options – so you’re likely to run into some cool people!

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in St. Louis

Your experience in St. Louis as a trans person should generally be positive, especially if you’re living near the metro area.

But if you’re somewhere near the suburbs, in areas like St. Charles and West County, I would caution you. The people there are a bit more conservative.

While it’s still unlikely that you would have any safety issues, you’ll probably get a ton of stares.

The only problems I notice are related to trans healthcare facilities. The state is making it hard for necessary meds to come by.

Local support groups can be of great help but they usually have their hands full.

Other than that, things are pretty chill here and you will have a great time mingling with the vast LGBT+ community and allies.

Common Questions From The Trans Community

What are the most trans friendly areas in St. Louis?

The Grove is the best neighborhood for trans individuals in St. Louis due to its vast selection of LGBT+ friendly venues and its recognition as the ‘official’ gayborhood of the city, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Does St. Louis have any trans friendly gyms?

There aren’t any gyms in St. Louis that specifically cater to trans individuals, but that doesn’t mean they’re not trans friendly. The fitness community here is quite progressive and you’ll meet cool people in every gym and are unlikely to face any problems.

Is there a transgender friendly spa in St. Louis

Every Body Massage is a welcoming massage center that trans people can visit. They’ve included pronouns next to the name of their staff members on the website which is definitely a green flag. 

Where to meet trans women in St. Louis?

The best way to meet trans women in St Louis is by joining the support and social groups hosted by Metro Trans Umbrella Group which provides a safe and inclusive space for transgender individuals and allies. If you’re cisgender then dating sites like OkCupid are a great alternative.

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