Best places to meet trans in Houston

Houston’s got a huge trans community and loads of inclusive places to meet them.

And get ready because I’ve got a bunch of cool info coming your way in this guide.

Whether you prefer meeting online or in person, you’re spoiled with many choices.

So no more waiting, let’s explore the most effective ways to connect with trans people in Houston!

List of TG Friendly Venues in Houston

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Houston

You’ll find trans-friendly nightspots all across Houston.

But if this is your first time here then hang out around Montrose. It’s the prime LGBT+ neighborhood with a ton of inclusive venues.

With that said, here’s a list of some bars and clubs where you’re likely to meet trans people.

Pearl Bar – Located at 4216 Washington Ave, this is Houston’s only lesbian bar and you can often meet trans women here.

Its owner Julie Mabry is an absolute sweetheart who makes sure that everyone feels welcomed.

They do drag karaoke on Tuesday nights and drag shows on Wednesdays so pick a day, dress up, and have fun!

RIPCORD – Located 715 Fairview St, essentially a gay club but you can find TGs here sometimes.

Even if you don’t, it’s alright because they don’t charge a cover fee so you can always go somewhere else.

Rich’s Club – Located at 202 Tuam St, this place is known for its burlesque shows on Saturday nights. 

It has a mixed crowd with queer and straight folks all combined. But most people come here in groups so I’d suggest bringing someone along.

Buddy’s – Located at 2409 Grant St, this bar has an awesome vibe every day.

Even when I pop in solo without knowing anyone, it never feels awkward or unwelcoming.

Fridays and Saturdays are especially packed and the best nights to connect with trans folks.

Michael’s Outpost – Located at 1419 Richmond Ave, the go-to spot for the best drag shows in Houston! Each night brings something special.

My favorites are Tuesdays offering Laugh Track, drag all-comedy shows, and Thursdays for drag Karaoke.

As the video shows, no matter when you drop in, you’re in for an incredible performance that’ll leave you wanting more…

2. Community Centers and Organizations

Another great way to connect with trans people is by going to the Montrose Center.

It’s Houston’s prime LGBT hub and from local events to support groups, they offer many opportunities to connect with TG folks. Make sure to keep an eye on their calendar!

The other option is PFLAG as they’re also quite active in Houston.

Their general meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month at the Montrose Center and have many trans men and women.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Shemales online in Houston

In a city as large as Houston, where the trans community is widespread, online platforms are often the easiest way to connect.

While most dating sites here have trans members, OkCupid is particularly known for its large trans user base.

It’s surprising how many trans people are on the site looking for both friendship and dating.

I’ve used it in many U.S cities, and it always works well. Just a heads-up, even though most people on OkCupid are looking for real connections, not just quick dates.

If you’re just looking for something casual, then Grindr is a good choice.

It’s got lots of trans and cis people who are just looking for a fun time without anything serious.

4. Online Groups

If you’re looking for social media communities then you’re in luck because Houston has a ton of them!

I’ll start with the largest Facebook group which is TransHouston. They welcome trans people along with their friends and allies.

Even though it’s not a hookup or dating group, it’s a nice place to make some trans friends.

The next one is TGQH, it has both queer and trans people and while the group isn’t that big, it’s pretty active and they meet at least once a month.

There’s also Houston Transgender Group, which focuses more on providing moral support to the community, so it’s a great place to connect.

And if you are a trans man, then do check out Trans Masculine Alliance, it’s a community group that meets at Montrose Center twice a month.

5. Event Sites

Gaymers Houston LGBT Hangout

You should join the monthly meetups hosted by Houston Gaymers.

It’s the largest gaymer community in the city and I’ve also made a bunch of trans friends at their events as well.

I also recommend checking out the queer and trans speed dating events hosted on Meetup.

It’s a nice alternative if you’re unable to meet trans people through dating apps.

6. Other LGBT+ Spaces

You’ll find inclusive spaces scattered all across the city. If you’re young then you can even visit the campus area of University of Houston.

It’s one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly colleges in Texas and has trans students from all over the world.

And if you’re into fitness then O Athletik is a nice trans-friendly gym along with Fit Athletic Club which is like a mecca of queer gymbros.

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Houston

My time in Houston turned out better than I expected. The city has a massive trans community with no shortage of places to meet them.

Just take a stroll along Montrose and Westheimer, between Bagby Street and S. Shepherd, and you’ll come across numerous LGBTQ+ spaces.

There’s also a welcoming clinic in Montrose called Legacy, where many trans individuals get their hormones and other health services.

And while you might meet some transphobic jerks in other areas, it’s no more than any other city.

The vast majority of the people I’ve met are very chill towards trans people and even supportive.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that Houston is like a blue dot in a very red state.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Houston

To sum up, Houston is like a hub for meeting trans people, and it’s all about what floats your boat.

If you prefer meeting in person, dive into the sea of LGBT+ bars. For a relaxed atmosphere, there’s a community center just waiting for you.

Don’t forget all the online options, too – from dating sites to groups and event pages, there’s a lot to explore.

So, go wild, try different things, and see what clicks for you! That’s a wrap from me, have a blast mingling with trans men and women in Houston!

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