Best places to meet trans people in Wilmington

Trans people have mixed opinions about Wilmington, some adore it, while others find it less welcoming due to its locals.

Regardless of where you stand, one thing we all can agree on is that the city is filled with inclusive spaces.

The sheer number of nightlife options it offers is insane. Couple that with support groups, and online dating sites, and you’ve got numerous ways to connect with the community.

So if you’re trying to meet trans men and women in Wilmington, join me as I help you explore your options.

List of TG Friendly Venues in Wilmington

1. Bars and Clubs

Tranny friendly bars and clubs in Wilmington

Wilmington’s been a big supporter of the LGBT+ scene for a while, and it’s got a bunch of places that are cool with everyone, especially trans folks.

The best part? The city is all about variety. There are so many nightlife spots to check out, you’d need months to hit them all.

Here’s a list of awesome ones:

Coglin’s Wilmington – Located at 206 Market St, a fantastic retro bar in Wilmington where you can bust some moves.

It has a mixed crowd with both straight and LGBT folks dancing the night away. Don’t miss Thursday’s Karaoke night if you want to hook up with some trans people.

The Blind Elephant – Located at 21 N Front St, this is a secret speakeasy where you pay $5 at the door, and you become a member for a whole year.

I got there right when they opened, and it was cool to see the place fill up.

Throughout the night, I noticed a bunch of trans men and women joining the fun.

Barzarre – Located at 1610 Castle St, a cool hippie bar with always something happening. They’ve got lots of events and a mix of people including trans individuals. 

The shows they put on are top-notch, and Mondays get even better with an open mic night.

Kari was serving my drinks and I must say that her welcoming personality made the experience even better.

Bottega Art & Wine – Located at 723 N 4th St, a cool LGBTQ+ friendly bar with lots of fun stuff.

They’ve got art, live music, open mic, tarot readings, pop-ups, and karaoke nights, always something going on.

You can explore different art rooms and even grab vintage clothes on sale.

It’s a place where you can be your authentic self. No wonder it’s a hotspot among trans people!

Hi-Wire Brewing – Located at 1020 Princess St, a great place that supports the LGBTQ+ community.

You can tell because they have regular drag shows and hang up lots of different pride flags in the taproom. It’s no surprise why trans folks feel comfortable here.

Ibiza Nightclub – Located at 118 Market St, you’ll hear mixed opinions about this place but it undeniably stands as one of the city’s hottest LGBT+ clubs.

It’s a go-to for those seeking a full night of party vibes, especially attracting a lively TG crowd.

The drag shows are a definite highlight, and this video captures just how wild things can get…

2. Community Centers and Organizations

If you want to meet trans people during the day then visiting The LGBTQ Cape Fear Center is a great way to start.

It’s a community center that supports LGBT people of all ages.

You can find a list of upcoming events on their calendar, including transgender support groups.

I also found this website that has a ton of trans resources. They also host trans support groups, and while I haven’t ever joined them, they look legit.

Last but not least, it’s also worth checking out the Instagram page of UNC Wilmington’s LGBTQ resource center.

They frequently host events where you can meet plenty of young TG people.

3. Trans Dating Sites

Shemale friendly dating sites in Wilmington

Wilmington already offers many ways to meet trans people and if you want to further diversify your options, then try online dating sites.

While Grindr is typically known as a gay dating app, there’s been a growing presence of trans folks, especially trans women.

However, it’s important to note that the primary purpose of the platform is geared towards casual connections and hookups.

If you’re not into that, try OkCupid. It’s got plenty of trans users, and most of them are looking for dating or just making friends.

It’s a good choice to connect with the community in a more laid-back way.

4. Online Groups and Pages

I also searched for trans social media communities but couldn’t find much for Wilmington.

Looks like there are only two active groups, one of them is Wilmington Pride.

It has over 6,000 members with 100s of new posts every month so you’re guaranteed to find trans people here.

The other is Wilmington NC LGBT which is much smaller with only around 1,800 members.

It’s also mainly used to connect with the community and share information about events and hangout spots.

5. Other LGBT+ Spaces

Trans people at Cape Fear Games Wilmington

Wilmington has many other places that welcome LGBT+ folks.

If you’re into geeky stuff then consider joining the Thursday board game nights at Cape Fear Games.

It has a lot of queer people and the atmosphere is very fun and inclusive. 

Otherwise, if you just want to chat over a cup of coffee then Bespoke Coffee at Princess St has a lot of LGBTQ customers.

And right across the street, there’s also Memory Lane Comics.

They have a separate shelf for queer content so you might run into some trans folks there as well. 

What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Wilmington

Being trans in Wilmington has its quirks. It’s like one island of young, accepting folks surrounded by three counties of older, conservative people.

That’s why you’ll either find it to be the most accepting place or the least. It’s all about the kind of people you hang out with and the areas you visit.

But I’d say Downtown is generally open and supportive of the trans community.

Also, what I love the most about this city is the vast variety of nightlife options.

So overall, as someone who has been to liberal cities like New York, I feel like it’d be no problem fitting in here.

Wrapping Up: Enjoy Meeting Trans in Wilmington

No doubt, Wilmington has a pretty cool trans community. While everyone’s experience is different, it’s not a bad city if you know where to go.

Remember, the closer to Downtown, the better—where most trans-friendly places are.

If you’re not into the party scene, there’s the Cape Fear Community Center or online dating.

My recommendation is to check out the bars and clubs I’ve listed—they’re prime spots for meeting trans folks.

I get it, it can be tough for introverts, but give yourself some time and maybe plan a night out with a friend.

You’d be surprised how quickly your circle of trans friends would grow!

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